Friday, July 20, 2012

Sneak Peek and 4 year old conversations

Sorry that I was doing so good last week and then fell silent for awhile.  I've got good reason.  I decided within a week that I wanted to redo my room and started on the execution.  I don't have ANY money to spare, so I've done all the work with my little fingers (well, just about).  Sneak peek?

That's part of the wall collage I'm creating.  It was my first go at scrappy art, and lemme tell you, it was trickier than I thought it would be. It took me as long to make that 11 inches worth of fabric as it did the night before to make three whole pillows. Yeah.

Also, when I was painting the other day, I mistakenly thought I could paint just a leeettle bit after nap time was over.

Thanks for correcting me, baby girl.

Speaking of that baby girl, as of Sunday, she's a full time walker.
Does your heart not just burst to pieces looking at that sweet face? Where is my baaaabeeeeee at? This is such a little girl!

Who also has enough hair for the cutest pig tails you've ever seen in your life.

But apparently she doesn't want to loose the baby fat due to the fact that she's always on the go, soooo.......

Yeah.  Bottom's up, girlfriend. 

I do have some sad news though.  My eldest has made it 4 years with all 10 finger nails, but my youngest only made it a year and she's down to 9.  :(  Last week or so she and Luke were fighting/playing a game (depends on which child you look at) about having his door closed.  She wanted it open to go in, he was sitting with his back against it to keep it closed and her out. Guess you can see where this is going.  Her finger got caught and damaged the nail so badly that it fell of as one whole piece yesterday.  It makes me cringe to look at it.  And I realize that I've got a variety of pictures of Evan and not any on my phone of Luke, but he doesn't stay still enough to take a picture.  Luckily John got some at the game this last week.

He's doing so much better! He's leaving his helmet on when he runs to base, he's hustling after the ball, and he pays attention to the game 60% of the time.  Whoo hoo! 

Oh man, he kills me.  Mom brought the kids up to work today to eat lunch with me, so we headed to the mall so he could get Chick Fil A and we could look for some better walking shoes for Evan.  As we sat down at a table, he looked all around and said "Wow Mom.  This is a pretty big building."

What 4 year old says that?!

More recent conversations:
Luke: Hey! That that was a red wight!
Me: Yes, but it was only a little red.
Luke: *huff* Mom.  That was not a good choice.
Me: *silence*

Me: *standing in closet* Aw man, I don't know what to wear this morning.
Luke: *sititng on floor watching* You can wear one of my shirts if you want.
Me: Oh, thank you baby.  But I think your shirts might be a little too small.
Luke: Noooo.  I think they are just right.

L: I don't have to eat a lot of food.
M: You will have to eat food or you will die.
L: Die? And you will put me on a cross?
M: What? No.  I would never put you on a cross. Who was on a cross?
L: Jesus. There is a cross in my bible.  There are a lot of words in my bible.  12345678910 words. That's a lot of words.  My blue bible doesn't have a lot of words.  Just a couple of words.  We can read all the words.  Just a few.

One morning he was watching Super Why, where they introduce themselves.  I was standing in the kitchen watching him as he sat on the couch watching it.  The last thing in the theme song is where they introduce themselves and then they say "Now say your name!"  All the sudden he shouts "L-U-K-E  ME!

Man oh man do I love that kid.

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