Thursday, December 5, 2013

2 year old style

So, my Evan girl is trying so hard to be independent. As much as she loves playing with Luke's cars and planes and trying to roughhouse with her brother (is anyone surprised that Evan is more physical than Luke?), she is a girly girl at heart. Lately she's prone to dressing herself when I'm busy cleaning breakfast or nursing the baby. She also likes to be "a hanson (handsome) boy":
The problem with her trying to get dressed is a.) nothing ever matches and this OCD mother has issues with that and b.) she ends up breaking her hangers while trying to pull shirts off of them and c.) makes a giant mess because she goes through about 15 shirts before deciding on one. Take note men: it seems being indecisive about our wardrobe choices is just how we are wired.

This outfit wasn't too bad I guess. The shoes are different colors (pink and red) and her bow is this terrible one my grandmother got her (she loves it because there is a "jewel" in the middle of it), but she tried. This shirt is one of her favorites because it's pink. Apparently girls loving pink is also a hardwired thing, because I have never ever pushed the pink. You've seen her room, it's purple and green. You've seen her bathroom, it's turquoise/yellow/grey. Yet somehow she looooooooves the pink.

Oof. This one made me cringe. Red and black plaid paired with an aqua and coral mermaid skirt. With navy shoes. At least the shoes are the same. And we didn't go any where that day. Besides, her clothes don't normally last very long on her body either. The skirt was ditched after the first potty break, and the shirt not long after due to wet sleeves. She hates getting her sleeves wet, yet I can't keep her from playing in the sink.
Believe me, there have been other outfits. I just didn't get pictures of them.
To go along with her budding sense of style has been her fascination with my makeup. I came around the corner (after cleaning up the breakfast mess) to see this. She'd gotten her stool from her bathroom, my makeup from under my sink, and was trying to apply eyeliner. FYI- she already had on blush and eye shadow.

Not all the things that she tries to mimic from me are quiet so superficial though.

She's been known to wear her babies around the house too, and two days ago I looked over from nursing my baby to see this:

It's blurry because she was rocking as she nursed her baby, patting her on the back saying "I wuf you sweet baby. It's okay." Oh lordy, I just about died from the cute.

So yes. My sweet, goofy, busy child is very tenderhearted. But she is very curious about everything (hence the 50 million why questions a day) and loves to explore. Like the way she "explored" my hair bands and floss and toilet paper.


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