Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas for the kids and I started Monday (the 23rd). We didn't get to go to Colorado City for that Christmas over the weekend due to Evan's flu/RSV. 

Oh, did I not mention that before?

Yes, my sweet middle girl was diagnosed with flu AND RSV on Friday. If you are keeping track, that means Elyse was sick with RSV the weekend before and Evan was sick this past weekend. It knocked us out of the family trip and we were locked inside all weekend. Obviously I couldn't take her to church on Sunday, so we haven't been in a month. I KNOW this is the longest time in my life that I haven't been to church and it feels really really odd. Anyway, as bummed as we were to not be able to go to CCity, we had a nice weekend at home gearing up for Christmas.

Monday night we went over to Grandmother's for Christmas with that side of the family. Nothing big, no production, just family siting around with take-out bbq and a few presents. Low key and I liked it!

Ever the curious one, we found Evan in Grandmother's makeup at one point, and I was thoroughly convinced she'd break half the house before we left. 

Christmas Eve is always Christmas with Mom and Dad. We go out to dinner in our Christmas outfits (of which we got a ton of pictures, but they are all on Mom's camera and I still haven' even seen them!) and then back to their house for presents and dessert. The big kids had a great time, and I did manage to get one picture of Elyse- she slept through the entire thing and didn't even wake up to see what was in her stocking or presents. She was none too impressed with her new sunglasses.

Then we came home (already loaded with new delights) and got ready for Santa. The bigs wrote him a letter (which I helped translate)...

and then it was time for new Christmas jammies.

I've already given up on trying to get the "perfect" picture of all three of them together. At first Elyse was mad that she was put down and not being held. Plus Evan wouldn't give a real smile. Then by the time Elyse got a paci and calmed down, Evan was done with the camera. (oh, and thankfully Macaroni Grill was handing out chocolate chip cookies after dinner that we could save for Santa. Otherwise he was getting bowl of banana pudding from Nana's house.)

It didn't matter though. Santa still came! I know there is a giant debate on whether or not Santa is a tradition we should perpetuate, but I love it. There is something so sacred and special about being able to participate in a secret that so many have passed down. I love being able to do something magical for my kids. And magical it was. The marble maze that Santa brought for Luke is the only thing he asked him for when we went to visit. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face!

Christmas morning was fun as always. Evan got into it more than she did last year, obviously, but she is still two. She was much more concerned with unwrapping the presents than what was actually inside so she didn't get too dramatic with her reactions. Luke on the other hand, was so fun to watch.

As soon as we were done unwrapping, Evan wanted to put on her new dress up clothes (please don't anyone tell her that the dress is a size 5/6). She pranced around, rather well in those heels I might add, declaring herself a princess and letting us know how pretty she was. Makes me so glad I could give her that feeling.

And not to be left out, Elyse was there. She did have a stocking. But she has such a cough still from the RSV that it wiped her completely out. From between the 24th and the 26th, she was awake for MAYBE a total of 2 hours TOTAL. She literally slept through the entire holiday. But that's okay. She's only 2 months anyway. ;) 

We didn't go any where the whole day on the 25th. This is quite honestly the first time EVER that my kids have been home all day on Christmas. Even before we had kids, the Carver Christmas has always been in the afternoon of the 25th, so I've always been gone. After the divorce Cody would come get them and take them out there, but this year it was moved to today. Luke had such a great time tearing into all of his new play things, wanting to build it all in one afternoon!

I'm so thankful that we were all healthy and blessed for Christmas. We talked a lot about why the day was actually celebrated, and I hope that my kids remember that it's not about what you get but whom you serve.

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