Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Three months

My sweet baby Elyse, you are three months old today!!
Excuse me while I take a moment to compose my sad sentimental heart.
I just can't believe it's already been three months. It's a mile stone that is special to me in several ways. Today marks the time when you have been a part of me for a whole year. For a whole year now you have depended completely on me for sustenance. For a whole year my body had provided for you what your body needs to grow. And that I find completely amazing. Not that it's going to stop any time soon. I plan on nursing you exclusively for at least another two months.
So what have you been up to for the last month? Well, you've finally woken up a little. You are in no way on a 'nap schedule' but you are awake for a few hours a time.  Sleeping at night hasn't changed much. You typically go to sleep for good around 10:30, then are up between 1 and 2, then again between 4 and 5, to nurse. LUCKILY you always go right back to sleep, if you were even very awake to begin with. You don't really cry out, but more start tossing and turning veeeeeeeery heavily and I can't sleep until you calm down (aka nurse). Probably would be a lot better if you weren't sleeping right next to me in bed, but I don't care. It's worth it.

My favorite thing that you are now doing? SMILING. You are the happiest baby when you wake up and have a full belly. You love to smile and coo and (almost) giggle at your family. Luke gets the BIGGEST kick out of you paying attention to him. He eats it up, and you love when he makes you laugh. At the grocery store last night it was just you and me, and you only had eyes for this momma. Made my heart so happy how you just sat there and tried to talk to me the whole time.

Your neck strength is getting better all the time, despite the fact that we hardly ever do tummy time. Heck. You very rarely get put down at all. If I'm not holding you or wearing you, you are in your bouncy chair (but that doesn't last very long. you are a little spoiled, girlie!)


You are wearing size 3 month clothes and a size 1 diaper. I nurse you MULTIPLE times a day, and you take about 2 bottles while I'm at work. Only once have you cried during bath time and I still swaddle you spastic arms down at night. (although, you usually manage to work them out)

Little girl, I love you so much. I cannot believe that the first fourth of you first year is over and I'm so sad that my leeeeettle baby gets a little bigger every day. While I am greatly looking forward to seeing who you develop into, I'm definitely not wishing away the days. I am fully enjoying you just as you are and am totally content to take it slow. You are my baaaaaaby. Lets keep it that way as long as we can.

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