Monday, January 13, 2014

Ordinarily ordinary

So. Life. Amiright?

It's been busy in an uneventful kind of way. Kids have played. I've taken 2+ weeks to redo the dining room and I'm STILL not finished. Y'all. This should have taken me a day and a half. I didn't even paint anything.

Alas. My life has been filled with princess twirls and nursing sessions and plane discussions and a little bit of sleep. I'm trying so hard to let things like house work and the desire to just friggen finish the sewing projects in favor of actually going to bed. Wednesday I hit a wall and was so run down that I had Jacob come take care of the baby, while Mom took the bigs to bible class then bathe/bed them, all so I could go to bed at 7:00. Of course I didn't fall into deep sleep until 10:30, but I was usless in bed. Having a babe that gets up at 1 and 4 with an alarm set for 5:45 isn't very conducive of REST.

But we are all good. We are better than good. This face and I are getting along better. She's doing great at potty training (finally), and my patience for her pokiness is (mostly) new every morning. I'm trying to just soak up her 2 year old quirkiness. Last night at dinner our conversation went like this:
Evan: "I be da mom and you be da sister."
Me: "Okay!"
Evan: "Hey Evan-Mom!"
Then she proceeded to eat an entire bag of green beans for dinner. I wish I was exaggerating. I mean the WHOLE THING. The first time she asked for second I gave her mine off my plate (too lazy to get up). The second time she asked for seconds I gave her the green beans off Luke's plate (he wasn't touching them). Finally when she STILL asked for more, I just got up and handed her the bag.

She's also crazy into dress up right now. For small group on Friday we had a tea party for Jordyn's birthday, and I let her wear a dress up dress. Saturday she wore 3 different ones at various times during the day, and right before we were leaving for bible class yesterday morning Luke informed me that Evan had her clothes off. She was trying to put on a "pwincess" dress and was DEVESTATED when I wouldn't let her wear one to church. Oi.

This picture is the story of my life right now. Biggest one refusing to come get his picture taken, much more interested in his remote control car. Littlest one asleep (although she is waking up more- Saturday she barely napped at all!). Middlest one in her princess gear (top three things a princess does- strum guitar and sing, draw, and twirl). You should see how well she prances around in her little heels.

"Mom, I wock wif you. And wets take a pickta."
So, nothing earth shattering going on over here. No big announments. Trying to say yes more and no less.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  And that's perfectly fine with me.

 "Pwincess Evan is going to da pawty!" (On our way to small groups)

See, I do have a biggest. Luke practices numbers the way everyone else practices letters. I think it's a true testament to the way he thinks and what he excels in. BTW- nothing makes him seem like a big kid than when I see him WRITING. LEGIBLE WRITING.


Anonymous said...

The close ups of Evan are just adorable! Ordinary days are a welcome sometimes.

~Luke, Evan and Elyse's nana~

Jaclyn_Rose said...

I agree with Nana :) she's adorable! As are the other two - ordinary is great as well!