Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby dedication and a boo boo

 Sunday was the baby dedication at church. It's the first time we've ever had one! I always wished we did this as a church when the first two were babies, and now that we have a new children's minister it something that hopefully will be done annually now. A great lesson was taught on remaking and keeping your house centered on Christ, then the families of all the babies born in 2013 were called up front. The congregation was charged with supporting us as families in various ways, and we as parents were charged with raising our children to know and love Jesus, and closed with the elders laying their hands on us and praying.

What is awesome about the picture above, is that not only am I standing next to two families that are dear friends of mine (remember how our babies are all two weeks within each other?), but since Roger is an elder, he and Cindy were up there praying, and Luke's school teacher's husband is an elder, so they were up there as well. THAT is a lot of support (not to mention Jacob's mom and step dad came, Ashley and the boy she is dating came, and obviously Mom and Dad were there).

had to get one for her baby book (which has nothing written in it. whomp whomp.)
They made these prayer cards for each of the babies dedicated, and after the lesson was over they were passed out to the congregation at random. There are so many so many people all committed to praying for my girl, and I don't even know who all it is! (I do know of a couple of families who excitedly told me they got Elyse!)
After the service I wanted a picture of my head-to-toe matching girls and handsome boy. This is true life in a photo.
Unfortunately the end of Sunday wasn't nearly as great as the beginning. Evan had a spot on her that had grown steadily worse all weekend, and by Sunday night I was super paranoid about it.
I loaded all three kids up in the car, dropped Luke and Elyse off with Mom, and took my middlest to Acute Kids.
Clearly she was dying.
The doctor did say it was infected and tried to drain it. Evan cried. I cried. But she was brave and got through it. Afterwards I took her to IHOP for some brave-girl pancakes (we hadn't eaten dinner yet) and wait for her prescriptions to get filled.
That's when things really fell apart. I went to pick them up and I forgot Walgreens doesn't take their insurance. That meant I had to wait until yesterday morning to call CVS and have them get the prescription transferred. Talk about panicking!  I was so afraid we would have to get her leg amputated or she would die of blood poisoning. Nothing like an irrational momma moment, eh? Yesterday when I got her clothes on her I could tell the whole inside of her knee was red and angry. Mom finally was able to get it out to Cindy's late Monday morning, and that stuff is TERRIBLE! (I tasted it last night to see what the fuss was about.) My poor girl. Now after 24 hours of antibiotics it is calming down a bit. She has to take it three times a day for 10 days- its being treated like staph.  Hopefully she is on the road to recovery!

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