Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weekend fun

I'm so behind on pictures from my phone that this is going to be brief. Two Saturdays ago we went to the Raymond's for Dakota's birthday. I put Elyse in Evan's old cupcake onesie that I made because nothing says BIRTHDAY!! like a cupcake.
Except while I was trying to get her picture, that little stinker rolled over.
I did not give her permission to get big enough to do that! We partied hard that day. So hard that she fell asleep in an awkward position.

Yep, those little feet are perched up on the toys and she is OUT.

Sunday afternoon was Jackie's baby shower. I sent the big kids home with Mom and Dad to nap while I helped host it, but my baby goes where I go.

Later that afternoon I got the jumper out of the garage and cleaned it up for her.
I think it was a hit.
As I got her picture, Sister decided she needed her picture taken too.

I got some really sweet videos of Evan entertaining Elyse in the jumper. It was very reminiscent of when Luke used to play with Evan in the jumper!

Luke's teacher sent a note home saying she needed a baby picture of him for a school project.

Gah. My boy. Sometimes I totally forget how roly poly he was. In the process I found his old tee ball pictures. This was from the very first season he played.

Feel free to squeeze your nearest boy now.

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