Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Follow up to last post.

So this was supposed to be the follow up to last week's post. Like, the next day. Whoops. One of the more exciting things we have done was go through the car wash.
Okay, I thought it was exciting.
My little people did not.
I made the mistake of sitting and watching the car in front of us go through the car wash with my window down. The air dryer was kinda loud, so they were convinced it was going to be the most loudest thing ever.
It wasn't. I called them babies. (where is my mother of the year award?!)

The actual baby has found her thumb. And I die of the cute every time she sucks on it.
this thumb right here.
It's better than the alternative though. Which is me. She's given me three hickies so far. Here's one:
In other news, I'm still as obsessed as ever with having my girls match. We go all the way to jammies in this house.

And you can tell by Evan's loving look at her sister that she is so ready for Elyse to be big enough to play with. I came up with one way they can.

El can be Ev's very own living baby doll! Just kidding. She's my living doll baby. And I promise I didn't let them leave Luke's room with her still in the doll stroller and I supervised the entire time. As far as doll babies go, I know how quickly they become doll girlies to dress up instead. After Lysie Ann's 4 month post a couple of weeks ago, I pulled up Evie Lane's 4 month post for a little comparison.
Aren't they starting to resemble each other?! I can't believe the doll baby on the left is now this big.

People, that is a size XS dress from the girl's section at Target. Girls. Not baby, not toddler. Girls. *tear* Also, she has on the new hat I bought for her, and my shoes. I think they really complete the outfit. Y'all, I love my boy. I'm so glad my son is my first born. Luke cracks me up daily in all of his boyish charms. But this girl mom thing is a whole different ball game. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm pretty sure my hair will look great and their outfits will be matching when we get there.

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