Friday, February 21, 2014

Nothing exciting. Just look at the pictures.

Whew am I behind. Which makes me really sad because the kids have been hilarious and I'm not writing any of it down. For instance, last week I was brining the kids home for the day and there was a ton of traffic on a road that normally is fairly light. I made the comment "Goodness, where in the world are all these cars coming from?" You would think that was a rhetorical question, but Luke responded "I think they are coming from Africa." Africa?! I didn't even know you knew that was a place.

We had another snow day. I went out to take a picture of my new 'hello' phrase I put on the front door and I saw these little tracks. Not something we see around a lot!
Evan, being 2, is always coming up with funny things to say. She still gets "she" and "her" mixed up. She also has a hard time pronouncing things from time to time. Like instead of corn dog, she tells me "Mom I want a horn dog." She told me it's her birthday, and when I asked her how old she was, she said "thirty o'clock". We were watching hockey on tv and she went through "coffee, cocky, haushy" and I don't think she ever actually got HOCKEY out.
Ashely made the frame and printed an Audrey Hepburn quote on some fabric with Evan's birth stats when she was born. I found this print online and thought it was perfect for the girls' room. I just had to add El's name!

Luke got some mustaches for Christmas. I had a little fun with them.

Evan did not have fun. But this still has got to be one of my favorite pictures of my little family. If you can't be silly with them, who can you be silly with? And this next one makes me laugh too. Obviously it started out with little sister. Then big sister came along and photo bombed the whole thing. Elyse was not impressed.

Hmmmm. So what other things have popped out of the mouth of my babes. Let me check twitter....
Ah. Two weeks ago Evan announced in the middle of quiet communion in church that she needed to poop. Yeesh. Then the next day I had jury duty. I live tweeted the whole thing and it was absolutely RIVITING. Not really. I felt bad for my whole 76 followers.
That week was Valentine's week. Monday night after jury duty was my grandmother's birthday. I let Lysie girl wear a love outfit to dinner. I thought it was appropriate.

I had fun with it this year. I think this was the first Valentine's day where I had absolutely no expectation/hope for some romantic surprise. Seriously. This was probably the first one since I was 15 that I wasn't in some kind of functional/dysfunctional/who-knows relationship. I just focused on the kids and it was nice. It was the first time I decorated the house. I made fabric hearts and hung them everywhere.

I told myself that I wasn't going to buy the kids at present. I don't want them to come to expect something at every turn of the calendar page. Having a special family night does not have to include wrapping paper. BUT. I saw this mug at Target that had a little puppy on one side and said "I woof you" on the other. OMG. It was perfect for Luke and he needed it to be his own hot chocolate mug. And I was right. He loved it. LOVED IT. He felt so special. (Evan got a cup with a crazy straw, so she was happy too)
Evan was pinked out for the day and Elyse wore hearts and her "my first Valentine's" bib. We made our own pizzas, which was a huge hit, and had such a nice time. (plus the 4th pizza made a nice lunch for me on Saturday. Ha!)

Laying down to take our picture is just so much easier. Gah. Love her.

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