Monday, February 3, 2014

Phone Photos

The last couple of weeks have flashed by. Not too much has changed, but for some reason I feel like I can *barely* stay ahead of the game. Housework isn't getting done like it used to. Patience has been a bit thinner. Bed times (for the kids) have miraculously maintained on time. The only thing I can think of is Elyse is awake most of the time now, so there are actually three kids to deal with as opposed to two kids and a sleeping baby.

Example A: I was trying to get Evan's bath ready after I'd let her have some chocolate pudding (this time WITHOUT the terrible antibiotic mixed in.) Before I could get her physically into the tub, she found the baby and kissed her.

And to think I thought it would be a few months before I was wiping smeared food off that child's face.
Her neck and back strength has gotten so strong that I finally pulled out the bumbo for her to try out.
Success! She totally loved being able to see me while I fixed dinner, then she sat on the table with us while we ate. I was a tad heartbroken though. My baby looks so big! To make matters worse, Saturday I spent most of the morning redoing her closet- pulling out the 3 month clothes and organizing the 6 month. Booooooooo.
Last Saturday morning Luke had a little fun with his treasure box treasure from school.
He cracks me up. That boy LOVES to talk. He will talk your ear off for an hour. You listen for 5 minutes and you've found a friend for life. And the conversations get pretty comical too. I think it was Thursday night or so, I finally started live tweeting all the things he was telling me. I'll set the scene: Evan was playing in the bath tub. I was sitting in the rocking chair in my room, illuminated only by one lamp, nursing the baby. He was fidgeting all around as he held a, pretty much, one sided conversation.
-Luke: What do you want for your birthday? Me: Mmm, a boyfriend. Luke: No. What CAKE do you want for your birthday. Me: Oh. Strawberry.
-"Mom, you need to dust your mirror. You can do that tonight. Dusting things is really cool. Here, I can dust the bottom part with my hand."
-"Little MessyPoo seems hungry tonight. I call her Lil MessyPoo because she's messy when she poops." [Elyse]
-"You know what is awesome? God let me run really fast. It's my special gift. I just go like this..*runs in place vigorously*..and I just zoom! off."

-"Hey Mom. You know what? Grandad says I'm his favorite grandson. But YOU'RE my favorite grandson. And mom."
Yeah. All that was within about 10 minutes. Plus there was a whole conversation about a button he brought me, and how he likes my button jars and when he's 10 he'll sew all my buttons for me.
Friday night was Mom's birthday, so we went to dinner and then over to their house to have cake. I let the girls be a little fancier than just jeans since Evan loves to dress up so much these days.


She's not just into dress up CLOTHES. She likes to dress up her face too. In an effort to not have the makeup that I use every day ruined, I went through my basket and pulled out some things that I never wear any more and put them in a little makeup bag just for her. Now, when I put on my makeup, she can have her own to use.

 That was Monday before going to Cindy's. Cindy had a nice surprise when we showed up.

And finally, one last one of my Luke boy, just to balance the scales a little. :) This was this past Saturday morning. I'd finally pulled myself out of bed and tried to snuggle up to him while he watched cartoons. Not only does he NOT cuddle, (at. all.) but  good grief he is boney. As you can see, he wasn't too thrilled about me being in his space.

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