Monday, February 17, 2014

Four months

Baby Elyse you are 4 months old! And what a joy you are. I don't think having babies ever gets old. Watching this new life grow and change is one of my most favorite things. And you are so fun to watch. There is a line from the movie Elf where Buddy says that smiling is his favorite thing.  He's got nothing on you babe. You smile and coo and laugh with utter perfection. Your first true laugh was at your brother. You and I were reading a bed time story with him one night and he got in your face, being silly, and you thought it was hysterical. You are ticklish under your chin, and on your ribs and thighs. Hoisting you over my head like superman always gets a little chuckle too. The only thing is every time you laugh, you get the hiccups. Every. Time.
What else are you doing? Not sleeping through the night, that's for sure. Sometimes we are down to only one feeding a night, but most of the time it's still twice a night. And to be quite honest, it really and truly doesn't bother me very much. I love you and I love cuddling with my sweet baby.
A sweet baby you won't be for too much longer. You are working so hard to sit up. When you are sitting in your bouncy chair you try to do this thing that almost looks like you are doing a crunch. You try and pull your whole upper half up by your neck, and sit there squeezing your tummy muscles to hold yourself up. It only lasts for a few seconds before you relax and rest, but then you try it again.
Lysie Ann, you have definitely grown. You are wearing size 6 month clothes (although we have to roll your sleeves up, they are always too long), size 2 diaper, and have not slowed down on how much you eat. I say that, but nursing you has become a little more difficult since you've noticed the two busy children running circles around you. Your brother and sister are so much more interesting to watch than what I've got to offer! One thing I've noticed is that you don't spit up NEARLY as much as you used too. It was every time you ate, something would come back up. Now we can go almost a whole day sometimes with nothing! Don't get me wrong though. More often than not I show up to work wearing something that came out of you. You are also working hard at rolling over. When laying on your back, you toss your hips over and can get your lower half rolled, but your shoulders are stuck. You are an excellent kicker though. Your legs are constantly moving- in your chair this causes you to slid down and bounce all around. On the floor/in bed this causes you to move up or in circles (and sometimes it makes your legs get stuck in the slats of the cradle!).
I think you have the most beautiful profile.
The way you always clasp your hands together like this kills me. You are so dainty and sweet (except for when you burp. You burp like a frat boy.) Your hands are either holding each other or in your mouth. You are LOVING sucking on your thumb. When it doesn't gag you. That happens sometimes.
So all in all, my darling baby daughter, your family is so glad you are here. Your sister loves you. Your brother loves you. I am head over heals for you. Lets just not whiz through this next month, okay?
Love Momma.

P.S.- When I was taking your pictures, Luke wanted to lay down with you and take y'alls picture together. Then Princess Evan wandered in, and we had something like this:

He wanted to hold hands and every thing.

And when I say Princess Evan, I mean PRINCESS Evan.

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