Sunday, December 4, 2011

Picture and a disaster

This weekend Mom and I took Evan to get her six  month photos for the wall.

Yep. They are still siblings.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to make key lime pie balls....turned out to be a horrible mess.  I got some key steps out of order and made the candy coating too hot so it started seizing up.  They were meant to be a pretty dessert for a baby shower today, and they ended up being ugly ugly clumps.  I didn't end up going to the shower today, but Shae said they were a hit.  I asked her if she was just being nice.  Turns out they tasted much better than they looked and there were none left!  I probably should have kept a couple for myself....

What did I do instead of go to the baby shower?  I cleaned.  The state of my house was starting to mess with my psyche, so I spent the entire day (after church of course) cleaning.  Thankfully I got it all done.

One other thing that we started this weekend was Elf on a Shelf.  I'm sure you've heard of it.  What did Luke name his elf this morning?  Why Train of course.  What else would he pick.  And if we weren't so good friends with a certain Mr. Trane Wyatt, then I probably would have made him pick something else.  And this was before he picked up a couple of pennies on our way out the door for bible class (which I'm teaching Evan's class this quarter, starting today) and said "I got my cash Mom, let's go!"  Tonight he was running around the couch and I asked him what a better choice was than running (he got a giant knot on his head from slamming into a wall after running inside) to which he replied "Oh, I'm just being careful Mom."  Sometimes I have no idea what to do with him.

(it's currently more scabbed over and developing a purplish yellow ring around the edges)

Also, tonight I let Evan have her first taste of jar food.  Green beans.  She liked the taste MUCH better than that of the cereal, we are just going to have to work on her not pushing the food right back out with that little tongue of hers.

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