Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A long two week Christmas recap

Oh hello.  I know it's been two weeks.  So sorry.  Christmas really did me in this year.  It seems it did someone else in too.

Although I didn't have something every night, it sure felt that way.  Also, I haven't moved my pictures from the camera to the laptop, but it wouldn't matter anyway...I'm at work right now.  So I'll highlight with what I've got on the phone and them maybe tomorrow I'll just have a post with pictures from the camera.  No words?  Yeah right.

The weekend before Christmas the kids and I went with Mom, Dad, and Ashley to Grandy's for Christmas with Mom's side of the family.  We left on Friday after work and came back on Sunday afternoon.  Luke had a great time with his first presents of the season.  He loved the truck set that Grandy got for him and had fun with Hayden (my cousin's son that is a year older than him) Unfortunately I did not get any pictures with my phone that weekend, that will have to come from the camera later. 

The following Tuesday was Luke's class Christmas party and I was able to attend.  Yay!

I sat with him as he ate lunch, made a snowman, and decorated a cookie.  Which you can see from the photo had a plethora of sprinkles on it.  Dude didn't want any of the choices to feel left out.  Also, the weird smile is all I could get from him when prompted to smile on cue. 

Wednesday there wasn't church or Wednesday Nite Bite, so I was forced to prepare dinner for my family.  By Thursday I was totally over it and just ordered a pizza.  I would like to congratulate myself on how little I actually order pizza.  It's a rare treat in this house, which is odd for someone who hates cooking as much as I do.

We found a movie on tv and settled in. 

Friday the 23rd, I had off of work.  Can I just say hallelujah?!  We stayed in our pj's for awhile, before going shopping with Mom and Ashley. 

While we were still jammie mode, I found the boy playing cars in bed.  We had all reached a new low of lazy that day.  But the shopping more than made up for it.  My mommy bought me a pretty new dress at New York and Company.....

which I wore to dinner that night. 

Normally we do Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve, but Ashley had to work that night this year so we pushed it up to the 23rd.  We had our traditional Macaroni Grill dinner and then presents and dessert at Mom and Dad's.  Again Luke had a great time not only opening his presents, but "helping" Evan with her's and mine.  And whom ever else would let him.  One thing Luke received was a new camo duffel bag with his name emboirdered on it, and he LOVED it.  Isn't that the funniest thing?!  Evan got herself a new pair of TOMS. 

Mom just couldn't resist the silver sparkle.  And I can't resist those fat legs with eye catching glitter.  I'm going to be devastated when all her baby fat is gone. 

The next morning was another lazy one.  We hung around the house on Christmas Eve, playing until it was time to go to my grandmother's for lunch and Christmas with Dad's side of the family.  At one point I walked into Luke's bathroom to find him sitting in tub chowing down on his carton of goldfish Nana had put in his stocking the night before.  Just as natural as if that's what everybody does.  So what did I do?  Plunked Evan girl right in there with him. 

And then that sweet big brother decided that his sister needed a hug.

I could just cry over that picture every time I see it.  At Grandmother's I finally took the time to repaint my toes.  And then I got a little carried away.

Girlfriend didn't even know what happened to her.

By dinner time we were back home with left overs.  We fixed Santa's plate and milk and letter, got baths, read Twas the Night Before Christmas, and then it was time.  Time for the magic of Christmas to happen.

Christmas morning came at 7 for us.  Cody wanted to watch the kids open their presents, so I held Luke off until 8:30 when he got there.  Santa only fills the stockings at our house and Luke was THRILLED with this little travel mug that looks like my coffee mugs Santa had brought him.  He's wanted his milk out of it ever since.  I fixed this amazing french toast bake for breakfast, and then (since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year), we went off to church.  Cody took the kids with him after the service for their traditional Christmas at his grandmother's for the rest of the day.  I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't a bit depressing to be by myself on Christmas day (granted, I could have gone to the movies with Mom and Dad).  I sat on the couch the entire day watching tv, reading, eating cold pizza, and napping.  I tried to console myself with the thoughts of blessings that I had a whole day to myself, which never happens, but it didn't help much. They got back about 8:30 that night so it was pretty much straight to bed for both of them.  They had a great day though.  Cody's dad found two little functional railroad crossing signs that Luke has been obsessed with.  They travel from room to room with him.

Monday I had off of work too.  I took down the tree, cleaned up the house, got us ready for the rest of the week.  The only time we left the house was for groceries, which is what Evan was sleeping through in that very first photo up there.  All in all, it was an excellent holiday.  I'm so very thankful that I was able to spend the entire thing at home and not have to travel.  Really made it seem like more of a break.  Thankful for family that showered blessings on me and my kids.  Thankful that we made it through our first post-separation/divorce without any fights or issues or anything.  Hopefully it will continue to be a smooth transition in a rough time.  The only thing I didn't get to do that I wanted was Christmas cards.  First time in 4 years I didn't get around to them, but every time I wanted to take a picture something came up or it was raining or I just forgot.  Maybe I'll send out Valentine's day cards this year instead.

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