Thursday, December 1, 2011

Six Months

My beloved Evan girl.  You are 6 months old today.  I get a little teary thinking about how much time has already passed so quickly and it's not slowing down.  I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that half of your first year is already gone.  It feels like you just arrived yesterday, yet I have trouble remembering you first hand as a squishy newborn.  I've been trying to just hold you and stare at you in the evenings so maybe in 6 more months I'll still be able to remember you as the sweet baby you are. 

And girlfriend, you are the sweetest baby.  I just can't get over how happy you are, all the time.  Even when you were sick.  It's another thing I'm trying to just drink in.  As that brother of yours runs around like a maniac, says crazy things, gets ornery with me, asserts his budding independence and personal views, I just hold you and cuddle with you, convinced that you will always be this sweet and perfect baby.  It also makes me wonder what is going to happen in your life.  What mistakes you are going to make.  Where your heart will take you.  You are my girl

Lovie lou, you are getting bigger every day.  You are firmly in size 6-9 months (and can even wear a few size 12 month things) for clothes and a size 3 for diaper.  You still nurse/take a bottle about 5 times a day.  When you nurse and it's either not letting down fast enough or you have to switch sides, your mad fuss has turned in to this squeally whine that totally fast forwards me 12 years. "Mooooooom, I don't wanna stop for a minuuuuuuuute."  You totally lunge for anything within a 5 mile radius of your arms and.....get can sit up.  Yep.  You balance with you chubby little arms like a baby bird but can stay up right for a few minutes before you eventually topple over.  You still love your big brother and adore all that he does.  You watch him intently, want his toys, and beam with glee when he gives you attention (which is is still more than happy to do). 

One thing you don't love?  Cereal.  I've tried several times now to get you to take cereal from a spoon, and every time I put a tiny bite in your mouth you give me a snotty look with an air of prissiness as if to say "You've got to be kidding. I am not eating that stuff." before you spit it back out.  Today marks the day that I can technically start you on jar food, so maybe when I remember to get some from the store we'll just jump right into that.  Fingers crossed it goes better.

Something else you've started is not only recognizing me as someone special, but being totally delighted to see me at the end of the day.  Your grandparents were dropping you off on Monday and you practically jumped out of Grandad's arms when I walked up.  Does this Momma heart something good.

So Miss Evan Elaine, that is what you have been up to this last month.  We've had your first encounter with sickness (including first breathing treatments and first oral meds), first time with food, first little kiss (I swear the other day you gave me a had big eyes and a wide open mouth on my jaw.  More likely it was the closest thing to chew on, but I believe what I choose to believe.), your first Thanksgiving.  This next month will bring your first Christmas and the close to your birth year.  I love you, my darling, and I'm cherishing every moment with you.

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