Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas is coming

So this weekend I decorated the house for Christmas.  And when I say "house", I mean I put up the tree, decorated the fireplace, and changed out the lemons on the formal dining room table for ornaments. 

There was a certain little boy in my house that was totally thrilled.  He must have told me a hundred times on Friday "Thank you Mommy for the Kissmass twee!"  I love that kid.  It's also started some heavy conversation about Santa.  I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him this year.  His response?  Cookies. 

Okay.  I can handle that.

Then I asked more directly, what toys would he want Santa to bring him?  A ding ding wif a awm and fwashing red lights.  (that would be a functioning railroad crossing arm for those of you that aren't fluent in Luke-speak)  Great.  Where am I supposed to find that?  He's also asked about a million times when Santa was going to come.  I will be making a count-down calender for him soon to help quell the question.

Saturday I didn't need to do my normal housecleaning since I'd taken care of it all before I left town, so I was able to do the things I never ever EVER get around to.  My refrigerator looks brand new.  All bedding from mattress pad to comforter on mine and Luke's bed is clean.  There is nary a dust bunny from the ceiling fans to the carpets.  That would be a big thanks to Mom for that one- my vacuum cleaner died the minute I turned it on that morning, and I called her to see if I could go get theirs while they were still out of town.  Turns out she found one on sale for Black Friday for $36 and snagged it for me.  Whoo hoo!  Do you know how thrilling it is to vacuum and not stink up the house?! 

Saturday night I took the kids to The Village.  We didn't get there late by any means, in fact we were 20 minutes early, but Evan's class was all ready full.  Boo.  That meant I had to bring baby girl into the service with me.  I was afraid the music would be to loud for her, but she was an angel.  Well, an angel up until 10 minutes before the lesson was over and she was so done with being held. 

Sunday I just let us all sleep in.  Next week I start teaching Evan's bible class for the winter quarter, which not only means we must be there but be there early.  Yikes.  Get two kids plus myself up, ready, and out of the door early.  We'll see how this goes.  So this Sunday we just played hooky and to our last chance to relax.  By Sunday night I'd been at the house with the kids for three straight days, only leaving for church Saturday night, and I was super restless.  Thankfully Mom and Dad were home by then and let me bring the kids over while I had dinner with a friend.  There was adult conversation that DIDN'T revolve around when Santa was coming or what the latest status on the train table was.  I love my kids more than anything in the word, but sometimes a girl just has talk about something else for awhile.

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