Monday, November 14, 2011

A few firsts

Well, several big "firsts" have happened in my house over the last few days.  Going in chronological order (because how else would you do it?):

-I got my first newer car.  Yep.  It's true.  Mom and Dad bought themselves a brand new Pilot, which seats 8 so we call can ride together now that I've got multiple children, and the VERY graciously offered me the Pathfinder.  I don't think you understand what that means.  My little Protege?  We have been together since I was 16.  Well, technically since I was 15 years and 50 weeks old.  They surprised me with it in the parking lot when I returned home from a summer camp two weeks before my birthday.  That old girl and I have been through many a things.  She took me to college.  She brought me home from college.  She watched me get married.  She brought both of my babies home from the hospital.  She saw the end of my marriage. We spent over 128,000 miles on the road together.  And, in a slightly unceremoniously manner, she's been replaced.  Don't worry little lady.  I'll never forget you.  (and don't tell her, but it was apparently way past time.  Plus I LOVE driving the Pathfinder.) (and at this point I have 45 minutes combing my photo albums for the picture of 16 year old me with the Protege, but I can't for the life of me find it)

-Luke spent his first weekend away from me.  I had a hard time with it leading up to the hour before he left.  I worried.  I missed him all ready.  I fretted over his cough and his night time routine and whether he would get enough sleep.  I cried a little.  But then, by the grace of God, he asked 50 BILLION question in the hour right before he got picked up on Thursday night and I realized a tiny break might not be so bad.  I missed my boy terribly.  It was quiet.  Very quiet.  I cleaned my house and it stayed that way.  I spent lots of time with Evan.  We got dressed up on Saturday night and had a fancy sushi dinner.  And Luke had a great time.  I knew he would.  He loves his grandparents and needed all the attention just on him, not shared with the baby. He came back with stories of the hotel and trains and place cards with his name on it (Cody's brother got married on Saturday).  I'm grateful that he has two sets of grandparents willing to spoil and indulge him in his boyish obsessions. 

-I dyed my hair.  WHAT?!  It's true.  I am 28 years old and finally dyed my hair.  You know what I learned?  I've got really dark hair and really stubborn greys.  It took two times to really get them covered, and the grey is still more blond than mahogany. It's okay.  It looks like expensive highlights out of a $6 box.  Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway.  The best "before" picture I can find is the one I have in my side bar.

And here is a not-so-decent after picture.

Ashley said it's like looking at the 24 year old version of me. 

-Finally, I let Evan girl try some rice cereal last night.  I figured 5 1/5 months was long enough to wait.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't what I got.  The way she licks her chops and dives after any food within reach I figured Sister Friend would devour whatever I put on that little spoon.  WRONG.  So wrong.  She hated it.  I mean HATED it. I might as well have been poisoning her with pure wretchedness. 
 Ooooo, that's for me?  Yes please!
First bite: Wait a second...I'm not so sure about this.....
Towards the end: No more! No more!
What?!  We have to do this again another time?!

I used formula at first, and I thought that might be the problem.  So I dumped it and tried to mix the cereal with a little expressed milk.  Maybe it was too cold right out of the fridge.  So I tried with room temp tap water.  Still gagged on it.  I hate to make her go through this again tonight, but she's got to learn.  What else should I try?  I feel like I should be more on top of this, be able to give the advice as opposed to asking for it, since she isn't my first babe.  Luke loved the stuff and never almost threw it back up.  Missy Lou is proving to be a bit more high maintenance.


Lucy Marie said...

Your hair looks great! And so happy about your car. That's great! About the cereal .. I don't know .. Evalyn nevver got used to it. She always hated it.

Melanie said...

Congrats on the new car.
Your hair looks awesome!
That last pic of Evan with food all over her is cracking me up.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog! I'm so glad that you decided to take the Pathfinder. I don't think that you will be sorry. We can't wait until y'all get here next week! Oh, and by the way, when you wrote about Luke keeping the food in his mouth for 2 hours, I thought, "That sounds like someone else I know!" YOU!!! Gran and Grandy had the same experience with you about 20 something years ago! Love you lots, Aunt Patty