Friday, November 4, 2011

Mud Run

So, last Saturday (Oct. 29th) I did a little something.  A 10K with obstacles. 

But not just any obstacles.  They all involved mud and water. 

A bunch of guys (and Carrie, the only other girl) in the office were all doing the Mud Run and they convinced me to sign up too.  So in turn, I signed Shae up.  I believe her exact words were "Did I get a choice in this?"


So we started the morning out like this.

And by 1:30 we were done, looking like this.

Even though we were FREEZING- 50 degree weather soaking wet- we had the very best time.  We haven't laughed like that in forever.  Really.  One of my co-workers is hilarious.  So what was it like exactly?  It was a 10k run where every quarter mile or so there was some type of obstacle. 

They included climbing over walls....

(not my most graceful look)

Crawling through tunnels, swimming across the Trinity River (which was so cold that I got half way across and almost panicked), cargo net climbs, rope ladders, log rolls, over/unders, slogging through pits where the water was up to your waist and the mud so thick it almost sucked my shoes off (this is also where I was laughing so hard I fell over on top of Shae while laughing, getting a mouthful of nasty smelling mud), and much MUCH more.  I made it about 3/4 of the way through before I was so cold my muscles couldn't work anymore to pull myself up onto things and I had to skip the obstacles that were more water than mud.  The hardest one (besides swimming across the fa-reeeeeeezzing river) was probably the mud hills.  There would be three hills growing in successive order, and in between each hill was a deep water pit.  The last hill would be 10 or so feet high of mud so slick all you could do was slide back down.  I would have to really dig my knees and my fingers in and just cling with everything I had. 

It was intense and hard, especially for someone who did zippo training.  But I had the best time with my best friend and co workers.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity and now the memories!

(about to take idea what we are getting into)
(first encounter with the mud)
 (right after the first encounter....still no idea what was to come)
 (it seems in water I had trouble staying upright.  This happened a lot.  I was laughing though.)
 (finished!  Those shirts aren't so white now are they?)
The Synaptyk Group

(action pictures were taken by another guy in our office, he followed us for part of the beginning and the end)

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