Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Five Months

My sweet girly, you are five months old!  You are just the best baby a momma could ever ask for.  Really.  I thought your brother was a good baby, but you have taken it to another level.  Your smile goes on for days.  Really. 

This month your little personality just keeps coming alive.  You love to talk.  You love to reach for things.  I've already had to start moving my plate and cup waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I'm eating so you don't get ahold of anything.  This probably is a giant sign you are ready for solids, but I'm still not ready.  There is a good chance you will be 20 and not on solid foods.  It's hard to get a good picture thats not this:

You are wearing size 6 months clothes, and some 9 months.  You are probably ready for a size 3 diaper, but I've still got some 2's hanging around that need to be gone first.  You love to talk, love to laugh, love to play.  Toys floating by in the bath make for great fun.  I can sit you up on a soft place and you will stay sitting up for 5-7 seconds.  What?!  Luke could stay up right till he was 7 months old. 

What do you hate?  Not much.  Getting your nose suctioned is about as torturous as it gets, and yesterday when I took you in for some congestion that just won't go away they had to test your ears and that was pretty awful.  Other than that, switching sides while you are nursing is about as terrible as your life gets.  The specific little shriek that you do stills says "Don't take a fat girl away from her food." 

Evan Elaine, life is changing around our house in more ways than I would like. But one thing that is the same and will always be the same is how much I love you.  Getting you out of your crib in the morning when you wake up hungry is the best way to start each day.  You are my beautiful little girl and nothing will ever chang that.

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Lucy Marie said...

Wow. She is so big and so beautiful and so sweet. I just love her to pieces. I think it's about time for us to play a little bit of e-mail catch up ... especially regarding that last paragraph. Love you friend.