Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

Ahhhh.  I'm sitting here in the living room with only the glow of the Christmas tree lights on and a cup of hot pumpkin spice tea beside me.  Children are not only in bed, but finally quiet.  Luke has taken to narrating his life in song these days, and they can last for hours after the lights go out.

They are finally healthy-ish, I believe.  Luke has had some digestive issues over the last few days, but thankfully today there were no episodes. We'll get to that later.

Tuesday I got off work at 3 and picked up Ashley on my way home.  Mom had the kids that day, so we swung by my house to get my suitcase, then over to Mom's to pack in her new Pilot.  We were headed down the road to Colorado City by 4:30, and we made good time.  We laughed, fiddled around learning all the new tricks the car could do, Luke and I watched Happy Feet on the dvd player, and at one point we stopped at Sonic for dinner.

My sweet happy girl in the car.
The only problem?  Luke talked the entire way there.  Literally.  He talked over the movie.  He echoed the voice commands Mom programed into the car.  He sang his own songs.  His little voice was made known the entire 4 hour trip.  What was one way to combat that?  Turn the music up.  We tried to convince him to move to the music and have a "dance party", but he didn't fall for it for very long.  Ashley even employed a strobe light feature using the flash light feature on her phone. Obviously we know how to have a good time. Eventually we made it to Grandy's.

Wednesday was just a lazy day.  Aunt Patty had already bought most of the fixings for Thursday's big lunch so we just hung around.
Maybe he'll be musically inclined like me.
Ashley had never been to the museum where Aunt Patty works, so we headed there after nap time.  Dinner was grilled out side- hamburgers with all the fixings.  I took the kids' back to Grandy's house fairly early for baths and bed, then just enjoyed the quiet for once where there was nothing I felt like I should be doing.

Thursday we again took it easy in the morning.  Layed in bed for awhile (I was on the pull out in the living room, so I could be "in bed" yet in charge of my children at the same time.  Not a terrible concept!)  I got me and the kids ready just in time to be back down the street at Aunt Patty's for our 1:00 lunch.  Lord have mercy did I stuff myself. 

You better believe I ate this ENTIRE plate of food.  Plus a slice of pie.
But then we went down town to a couple of boutiques that were open on Thanksgiving day, and we walked some of it off.  Such a Goodlett tradition.  Girls visit and shop, while all the boys went hunting.  Well, except for Dad.  He took Luke back to Grandy's for a nap.

West Texas: where cotton grows in the street.

We had a grand time, but soon it was time for me to pack up the kids and head home.  Dad had driven out on Wednesday night in my car since he had to work all day that day, which left me free to leave whenever I wanted.  I wanted all day Friday to get the house ready for Christmas so Thursday night I headed back with my babies. 

That's, unfortunately, when Luke's digestive issues decided to kick back in.  We were in a rather desolate stretch of highway that had gone down to one lane due to construction, when he started moaning.  Talk about panic mode.  It was 15 minutes before the highway opened back up and there was a gas station.  Blessedly it was open at 9:30 on Thanksgiving night.  I rushed him inside with Evan in her seat on my arm and then had to WAIT for a stall to open up.  There should be a special bathroom for preschool emergencies.  Thankfully the handicap on the very end opened up first, so I could have Evan up on the sink counter while I helped him and my eyes could be on both while no one walked by.  Whew.  It was great parenting. 

Anyway, we finally made it home that night a little before 11 and I was so glad to see the house.  And seeing how it's taken me three days just to get this much recapped, I'll save the rest of the weekend for another post.

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