Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I can not believe that it's been a week and a half and I still haven't posted anything about Halloween.  The type-A person in my cringes.  I've always prided myself on doing things right on time, right when it happens.  The working single mom in me is too tired to care anymore.

Who am I?!

Anyway, Luke really enjoyed the whole aspect of Halloween this year, minus the dressing up part. 

Okay.  So mostly he enjoyed the candy.  Or "tweats" as he still calls them.  He asked me for a treat for breakfast this morning.  I told him no.

Sunday night, the 30th, was Trunk or Treat at church.  Poor kid was so overwhelmed by everything that he mostly looked like a deer in the headlights and could barely mumble when prompted.  I think it was all the kids.  When he gets around kids he doesn't know he tends to clam up.  He also had issues with being a little picky about his candy.  It was a hard concept for him to wait until the adult put the candy in his bucket, he tended to go all in and help himself.  And if he didn't like what you put in, the dude wasn't afraid to ask for an exchange.

Thank God he's cute.

He didn't really want to do any of the games inside...

so we just ate a hot dog and some nachos... 

and cotton candy.

Monday night, on actual Halloween, I had planned to just stay home.  Luke didn't know that there was the possiblity of more candy- not being all familiar with the traditions of the holiday and all- so I planned to ride it out as long as possible.  Until he knew to ask to go, I wasn't planning on it.  BUT.  Shae called and asked us to come over and trick or treat with them.

And like a 13 year old girl, I caved to peer pressure.

I'm so glad I did.  The Wyatt's came over too, which meant that Luke, Dakota, and Jadyn had the best little time.

 We went to various houses around the neighborhood for an hour or so before retiring back at the Raymond's to pass out candy.  While he was door to door, Luke did better about his "trick or treat" and "thank you"s, but he still got fussed at for reaching his grubby little hands in other people's candy bowl.  Silly boy.  Evan had her first go in the umbrella stroller and her legs stuck straight out of it.  I'd totally forgotten how Luke's used to do that too.  Kinda makes me wonder what else I've already forgotten.....

 (this was our trip to Fredericksburg in 2009)

I digress.  When we got back to the Raymond's we checked over the candy and let the boys have a few pieces.  Shae also let them help hand out the candy when the door bell rang.  Luke throughtly enjoyed it, and Dakota did good for the first couple of answers, until Big Foot showed up and scared the living beejeezus out of him.  From then on he ran the opposite way when there was a knock.

But the funniest part of the whole evening was my boy's stubborn habbit.  Before we left to go trick or treating, I made him eat some chicken for dinner.  Execpt Luke did not want to eat his chicken for dinner.  So what did he do?  Held his chewed chicken in his mouth the ENTIRE. NIGHT.

Not kidding.  There are some pictures with his mouth open where you can even see it.  You better believe he is every bit as stubborn as I am.  I tried eating his candy in front of him, telling him I needed to eat it since he couldn't have any with food still in his mouth.  I tried giving him water to help him swallow it.  When he complained that it was gross I told him to just swallow it and get it over with.  It finally went down when he got a smoothie back at the Raymond's house after trick or treating.  YEP.  He had that mouth full for at least two hours.  He's not strong willed.  Nope.  Not even a little.

So, we ended up having a great time.  I laughed my head off with my friends, my son got to build memories with his, and Sister Friend got to experience the little stroller.  Not a terrible way to spend a Monday night.

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Anonymous said...

I know a little girl that could keep food in her mouth just as long or longer than Luke! Who would have thought that could be a genetic thing. :) Strong willed for sure!!

Precious spooky pictures!!

~Luke and Evan's nana~