Monday, November 21, 2011


Unfortunately this week has been pretty eventful in all the wrong ways.  Last Monday night, at 12:30, Luke woke up whimpering that his ear hurt.  Yay.  So I got him an appointment first thing in the morning, which worked out since Evan was supposed to go in around then for a follow up for her ear infections. 

Turns out he had a double ear infection, which burst one of his ear drums.  While Evan's ears looked okay, she had developed a slight wheeze.  What is with my children?  I was sent home with a trial of Luke's antibiotic since it was late enough that I wouldn't really be able to run to get the prescriptions filled that night.  They had given Evan a breathing treatment at the office to see if it helped and since I hadn't even noticed it, I figured one more day wouldn't make a big difference.

WRONG.  When I picked Evan up from bible class on Wednesday night (with nebulizer vials in hand), she sounded awful.  AWFUL.  I rushed her home and immediately got her going on a treatment.  An hour later she still didn't sound very good.  Her wheeze was still pretty audible and she was retracting some. By then it was approaching 10 and I debated on whether to call her pediatrician on if I could give her another round of treatment or not.  I HATE calling the doctor after hours so I called Shae to confirm I wasn't crazy and needed to call.  I've only called once before for either of my kids, it's not something I generally do.  But Shae said that it indeed was a good reason to call.  I love my pediatrician's office.  While the little girl at the answering service was snippy with me, the doctor was anything but.  She told me I was right in giving her another round of treatment but if it still wasn't better after that I needed to take her to Acute Kids. 

Bad news.  She still wasn't better.  It was 10:30, Luke was asleep, Evan wasn't breathing well, and the urgent care place closed at 11.  I tearfully called my momma and she came right over to stay with Luke.  I made it to Acute Kids with 10 minutes to spare.  They listened to her and watched her breath, confirming that yes, she was in slight distress (although her face never showed it.  Have I told you what an amazing baby I have?  She is so flippin happy.) especially after having two breathing treatments back to back.  They gave her a treatment with different meds and an oral steroid.  She didn't sound 100% but better enough to send us home instead of the hospital.  Which almost happened.  She also had developed a double ear infection within those last 24 hours, so we got another prescription for antibiotics and an oral steroid to give her each day to boost the effects of the breathing treatments. 

The next morning my pediatrician's office called to check in on us and I filled them all in.  20 minutes later he called back again, saying he just kept thinking about her and wanted her to come in to see how she was responding to treatment that day.  I was able to get an appointment for Friday afternoon, and it turns out she STILL was wheezing, even with the oral and inhaled steroids she is on.  No bueno.  She has a doctor's appointment tonight to monitor her lungs, and if she still has even a slight wheeze then we have to start in on x rays to figure out what is going on. 

And yesterday?  Yesterday I don't know what happened.  I walked into the nursery to drop her off at bible class and she puked everywhere.  Evan.  My baby who doesn't even spit up.  I took her home to change her and give her a breathing treatment and in the middle of it she puked again.  So. Much. Vomit. I couldn't get the mask off of her while she kept getting sick.  It was a little scary.  After she finished I surveyed the carnage that was my floor, the couch, my clothes and her body, and I wasn't sure what to do first.  Where to begin. Eventually I just stripped her down and let her play in the bath, laid her down for a nap, then commenced with the cleaning of the living room.  Thankfully there wasn't a boy and a dog to keep out of the mess (Cody took the dog when he moved out).  I could tell she felt totally better right after she was done, but I still limited the volume she took in while nursing, just to make sure she held everything down. 

Watching the Cowboys after she felt better.

My poor baby.  If you are keeping count, that would be 4 doctor visits and 4 different meds within the last week. 

And that brother of hers?  Luke just plain keeps me on my toes.  Last night we were sitting on the couch and he said "Momma, are you kinda like a pwincess?"  I told him sure. I could be a princess and that he was a prince.  His response?  "I not a pwince.  I just a boy.  A big little boy."   He for some reason calls Smarties 'candy smarts' and is still confused as to why Mom's white car is in Papa's garage and we keep taking his blue car home.  I rearranged the living room last night, moving his train table over.  He kept thanking me for it the rest of the evening.  He LOVES to have Evan sit in her bouncy seat and play with her.  He likes to make the songs come on for her and spin the toys.

He's started saying I love you Mom at the most random times, and last night I taught him to blow kisses.  Except, he wouldn't catch my kisses, he would sometimes kiss his hand and then immediatly put it on his own cheek.  I asked him if that was my kiss or his kiss he was putting on, and he said it was just his own.  As long as he grasps the concept I suppose.

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Lucy Marie said...

Oh those sweet angels. I surely hope everyone is feeling better. I am sure I'll find out soon via hey tell. Love you girl .