Monday, December 5, 2011

We saw him

Tonight the kids got to visit Santa.  Luke wasn't scared at all, he knew exactly what he was going to tell him.  I even made sure that he knew it was his job to show Evan what to do since it was her first time and he'd done it three times all ready.  But first.....we had to get through pictures.  Oh the pictures.

What do you think the lesser of two evils are- the one from the place with good lighting but Luke's face looks almost high (similar to last year's picture) and Evan's face says "Oh dear. I'm a bit concerned.":

Or the one I got with my camera that is blurry with off coloring because I wasn't able to check the camera settings while trying to juggle.

I know.  We have a great track record with our pictures.  Luke told Santa all about the "ding dings" that he wants, but when I ushered him away from the big guy he looked up at me with these big eyes and asked "Mom where's my toy?"

Fail.  I didn't make the connection that Santa has to find out what he wants before he can actually bring it.  Broke my heart a little because he was being a really sweet boy the whole time.  Lesson learned for Evan girl.

p.s.- Did you see the 6 month pictures I added to Evan's monthly letter?  The one of her laughing has to be my very favorite picture ever in the whole wide world of pictures ever taken.

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Lucy Marie said...

Cute! The pictures may not be perfect but these kids will cherish them in years to come :)