Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The bluebonnets!

This weekend was a kind a busy one.  Saturday I did a whole lot of playing and laying out.  Sunday a friend came over and helped me organize my garage.  The improvement is miraculous.  Once I have a garage sale in the next few weeks I'll show you the before and after.  Did you see that?  I'm having a garage sale. 

I think.

I just have to find a day.  And plan it.  And get all the stuff  together.  And convince people to come.  So, that will happen, right?

Oh, and Friday I got a hair cut.  I think I've turned into a bi-yearly trim kinda girl as opposed to a yearly trim kinda girl.  Yet another improvement for this old gal.  Also, yesterday when I ran to Target I was sorely disappointed that they no longer carried my hair color any more.  I picked a new one that I thought was going to be the same, but after a late night color session last night, I've realized it's a bit darker.  More like my natural color, less like the dark red of the last box.  I liked those reddish tones.  I've always secretly wanted to be a red head (well, I guess it's not so secret now).  So a hair cut and new color is kinda a big deal for me. 

What else did I do last night?  Took bluebonnet pictures!  I probably should have colored my hair BEFORE taking these, so my roots wouldn't be so shiny and grey, but whatevs.  I have never in my life taken bluebonnet pictures before, which is utter madness given my fierce Texan pride. 

My very favorite so far. Makes me so sentimental every time I look at it.

The only problem was Sister Friend did. not. like sitting in those plants.  She was already tired and hungry and sitting in a field of wild flowers did not better her mood.

Eh?  Look at that face.

These are all from my phone, somehow I left my house yesterday morning knowing FULL WELL we were going to take pictures and I STILL forgot my camera.  I also forgot a bottle for Evan, but that's a whole other story.  Thankfully Mom and Dad and Ashley were coming with and Dad just holds down the shutter button on his camera, so Mr. Photographer should have at least one decent one over at their house. 

This little boy LOVED the field of flowers.  People had made these mazes through them in other quests for perfect pictures and he followed them all over.  When we left to get dinner he wanted to "go get food and lets come back to the fow-wers."

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Lucy Marie said...

Those photos are absoultely beautiful. Love them. What a gorgeous family.