Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

This is not a day I typically get into.  I didn't make any green foods.  No small tokens were exchanged.  Instead, I totally blew off everything to make way for sword fights, book reading, and other things. 

This included wearing floppy hats (while Brother mowed in the background.  I'm telling you.  Kid loves to mow.)

A picnic lunch

Driving around said lunch when he didn't want to sit on the blanket anymore

Figuring out Brother's cup is way better than your own.

And of course, wearing some green.

(I promise her dress really does come down to her knees, it's just the way she's propped up and being held back that makes it look so short.  But on the plus side you get to see her awesome mid-thigh roll.)

I'm not a total Scrooge.  Can you use a Christmas reference in March?

The weather was a lovely mid 80's kinda day, I went back out for more sun during nap time.  Don't be fooled by Sister Friend's long sleeve night gown in that first picture (no, I wasn't going to waste an outfit and add to my laundry just so she could have something else to wear outside).  The long sleeves and covered legs were my attempt at keeping that gorgeous baby skin protected.  Hence the floppy hat.  Which, to my delight, she wore for the whole 2 hours we were out there with hardly any fuss. 

Whilst taking the joint pictures, I got an idea.  I've got a little copy of one of my baby pictures on my dresser, and I thought it would be fun to get Evan with it.

Whadaya think?

Tonight Ashley, the kids, and I went to The Village.  I am so enjoying the lessons over Galatians right now.  Before the service started Ashley and I were cracking up at how much green was in the room.  I get all the women wearing green, it seems typical.  What really got us were the men.  Moreover, the SINGLE men.  Because what man wakes up and says "Hey, it's St. Patrick's Day, I think I'll wear green?" Would any of them be caught wearing pink on Valentines?  Orange on Halloween?  Red on Christmas?  Doubtful.

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