Friday, November 9, 2012

Evan and her food

So, looking back at the pictures on my phone, it's apparent what the theme of the last few weeks has been.

Evan and her food.

Sure, there have been other cute photos here and there.  Like the day she got her new James Avery flower earrings. (we aren't going to talk about how three days later she had already lost one and consequently went a whole week with a flower in one ear and a silver ball in the other, since she'd gotten the new ones due to losing one of the balls)

There's been bed head.

But mostly?  There are pictures of this girl and her food. I find her on the table double fisting tootsie rolls.

I find her on the table trying to sneak dinner early. 

I find her stealing MY breakfast after she's already finished HERS.

I find yogurt in places yogurt shouldn't be.

And sometimes when I find food in her hair, but not enough to warrant a bath, she gets the cutest little piggies.

Unfortunately, I've learned that when you take snack-infused piggies down, there are some repercussions.


So there you have it.  A boat ton of pictures that, now that I think about it, have more to do with hair than food.  But, to round out the theme, Shae just sent me one this morning.

"Oh, hey boys, I found you! Why are you in Dakota's closet? I brought a snack.  I know we just finished breakfast, but who would like one? No? Okay. More for me then."

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Anonymous said...

What a precious baby girl! Love the yogurt photos! :)
~Luke and Evan's nana~