Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roll is Called Up Thunder

For whatever reason, he's fallen in love with the song "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" and we sing it every night. This was a few weeks ago... he knows the verse now and still sings the bass part.

Don't ask me what's with the gloves he's wearing. He's recently been described as "not your cookie cutter kid". Sounds about right to me.

Yesterday was a day dedicated to my girl and her food. And her hair. Today, I want to take some time for my boy.

I love this boy. He is so funny. And smart. And curious.

This kid will KILL you with questions. His memory is a force to be reckoned with.

He loves all things planes, trains, and automobiles. When I saw on the Discovery channel that they were airing a show about purposefully crashing a plane to gather data from it, I figured he would love it. So I let him stay up late with me.

I was right.

Other things he loves? Being with his Papa.

"Fixing" things. In this case, the table.

He loves to read and he loves his sister.

Most of the time. When she's not bothering him. Or biting him. Or touching something he doesn't want her to touch.
Sound familiar momma's of two?
Just a few minutes after I took that picture above, Evan was banging on the tray of her high chair. I told her to please stop, then two seconds later he leaned over and whispered "Evan. Keep doing it!" So. He's figuring out this big brother stuff quiet well.

He is loving (Joby was up at the boy's preschool the other day, and as he walked by Luke yelled out "Hey Mr. Joby! I wuv you!") and opinionated (don't get me started on our shirt/shoes/food conversations) and full of laughter (he recently figured out how to blow through a straw and make bubbles in his cup). The park is heaven and his current life's goal is to one day taste Dr. Pepper.

(excuse the blurriness)

Oh to be 4.

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Anonymous said...

I could listen to y'all sing that everyday. Rest assure that Gran is thrilled to hear it too! :) Love you!
~Luke and Evan's nana~