Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trunk or Treat and Halloween

So, I'm a tad late for the Trunk or Treat pictures.  And Halloween.  In my partial defense, last week was crazy busy.  Unfortunately the weekend wasn't, I just forgot. 
Last Sunday night (the 28th) was Trunk or Treat at church.  And true to form, I hadn't tried on the kid's costumes to make sure they fit prior to needing to be somewhere in them.  But luck was on my side, and they fit!  Evan's cupcake costume is from Old Navy- and a size 2T/3T.  Bless that girl.  Luke's fireman costume is a size 4.  I hope he doesn't get a complex some day from his 3 years younger sister being so close in size.
I tried to get the obligatory front yard in your costumes picture, but no one was thrilled with that.
I hoped action shots would help brighten the mood, but I for the life of me, couldn't get the front of them.
And the one picture I did get of the front, the dang camera didn't even focus right.
Trunk or Treat itself went over splendidly this year.  Evan wasn't into the games...
But Luke did so good this year!
My brave boy even got in the bounce house.
It helped that I started them before the crowds got there, so he got the bounce house to himself for a few minutes.  A little girl climbed in not too long after this picture, and magically he was done.
Our small group's "trunk" was and operation booth.  Some of the guys built a big Operations board and wired it so the nose lit up when the tongs touched the sides- the kids had to work for their candy at our booth! This year we placed 3rd in the trunk contest. First time to ever place!
My super cool family.  (Mom and Dad's small group did a 60's theme trunk, in case you can't tell)
Monday night we had dinner at Grandmother's house, Tuesday night is the kids' night with their dad, and that brings us to Wednesday night...Halloween!  Church was not cancelled, and if you're keeping score, I am teaching Luke's bible class this quarter.  I had told the children's minister that I would not be there that night due to trick or treating, but Shae and Tamara (who are teaching the 2/3's class) did not.  This meant we got started a little early- 6:00!
This was the only picture I was able to get of Luke with his hat on.  He just wanted to keep it in the wagon.
And Evan was way more interested in his hat than she was of her own.
Sister just relaxed in the wagon most of the time.  I didn't really let her go up to houses, she doesn't need the candy and I knew she wouldn't really care.  She didn't....
except for when she was running after Luke yelling "Bubba!  Bubba!" and waving at him.  Sweet girl would try so hard to keep up.

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