Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kids and their quirks

You know what they don't tell you about kids? Is that the young ones never. stop. talking.

Like, EVER.

Last night Luke spent 10 minutes telling me about lobsters and crabs.  Where they live.  How to pick them up.  How to handle them without getting pinched.  What the pinchers are for.  How to eat them.  What the shell is for. 

And the questions.  Oh, the questions.  What is your favorite? (no subject. Just my favorite. So I always say him and Evan. Because, what else do you say to that?) Who is your son? Who is your daughter? What's your favorite fruit? What's your favorite color? Do you like Bobcats? (the machinery) Why is our garage door slow? Do garage doors go fast? Are they quiet or loud?

Not even kidding.  That's just off the top of my head from our 5 minute conversation this morning, which happened as we were perched on the end of my bed.  He'd just woken up and wandered into my room, with socks on his arms.  Mind you, these are the socks I'd put on his feet last night before I tucked him in.  The socks that were on his feet this morning had been in a drawer the last time I saw them.  I asked him what was going on with the sock situation, and he said that "I didn't want my arms to get cold and also I can pa-tend they are grabbers and now can we go eat bwek-sis?"

(Luke's PTA program on Tuesday)
But that face.  Oh, that face.

It's a face that actually has a couple of stitches in it. 

He and Evan were fighting over an iPad yesterday, in a tug-of-war style tussle.  He eventually overpowered her and yanked it out of her hands, but the force sent the corner of it flying into is face and busted his lip.  Busted it clean up his lip.

Don't tell him this, but every time I see all the little strings in his profile, I get a quivery inside.

Two Saturdays we took the kids to a model train show.  That was probably the quietest I've seen him in a long time as he absorbed all the sights. 

There was actually some neat little exhibits, complete with miniature people and town scenes and everything.  Evan wasn't quite as impressed as the rest of us.  She put her trusty climbing skills to use.

That girl climbs on everything.  Which has been a giant adjustment considering Luke didn't ever climb.  EVER.  I had some ottomans that I would use to block the entrance to the kitchen and he never even tried to get over them.  Evan has been know to climb up bar height chairs and get to the food on the table. 

It's a good thing she's so darn cute.  I love love love her morning hair.  Most of the time it's all swoopy and I love it.

Poor girl seems to have the same breathing problems as Luke did, though.  I've finally broken down and started her back on breathing treatments. 

Neither of us like them. I'm hoping it helps though, because her sleep hasn't been very restful lately. 

When you can pull her out of one car, take her inside, put her back in another, drive to a restaurant, then pull her out again and she still doesn't wake up, then you know you've got a sleep deprived girl on your hands.

So, that's life over the past 10 days.  Oh! I did go ahead and put up the Christmas tree on Saturday.  Which was not nearly as festive as last year.  One over-eager 4 year old and one cluelessly destructive 1 year old makes for an exhausting situation.  Both kids may have been brought to tears a few times, but we got it done.  And I still love them. 

I'm pretty certain they still love me. 

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Jaclyn_Rose said...

1. I know how you feel with all the random 4 year old jibber jabber and questions

2. Also know how you feel about the breathing issues. Seriously, we are leading twin lives on opposite sides of the world! No nebulizer for us though, just a puffer.

3. Again, twin lives here... Finn never climbed on ANYTHING and Elle climbs on EVERYTHING! haha

4. We will be putting up a tree, how do you keep little girls hands off it? Should be interested.