Monday, May 6, 2013

Photo dump

So, I'll get my 16 week baby update posted soonish. Probably tomorrow. First I have to take the picture. Then I have to, you know, write it. In the meantime, enjoy a billion (okay, 9) phone pictures from over the last couple of weeks. (and that video I posted on facebook of Evan "singing" her ABC's? I can't stop watching it, and EVERY. TIME. she gets to the "lmnop" jumble I giggle. Every. Time.)

Two Friday's ago, on our way to small group, I noticed in the review mirror both children were miraculously wearing their sunglasses. Hey. She did it herself.

Look! Proof he has other things besides oxfords and polos! It's the hockey jersey Jacob gave to him, and he chose to wear it all by himself.

Saturday morning: Luke "playing" the guitar.

Okay, so I may have staged it a little. He was "playing" it, but more piano-style kneeling beside the couch.

 Papa spent a couple of days working with Luke on how to peddle his bicycle, and he's FINALLY got it! This is the bike he got last year for his birthday, and he may have already out grown it, but he was so. very. proud. of himself that he insisted on showing me how fast he could go. We walked around the block after dinner, and he did so good I nearly cried from the pride. For reals. Love him!

 This no dairy thing has been sad on some occasions  it's meant no cheese and no ice cream. (Luke has told me many times that when he grows up he's going to eat cheese on his pizza. I tell him every time that when he grows up, it will be his job to make his choices and that can be one of them.) I found some dairy free ice cream made with almond milk, and the kids were THRILLED. I wish I was kidding when I said by the end of her bowl, Evan was literally covered in chocolate. Face. Torso. Arms. Furniture. But she loved it.

Um, probably my new favorite picture. As if I couldn't love her more, I look at this and my heart just dies. 

 Made a little something for my girl. I thought I'd better get a picture like this since it's more than likely she won't be still enough for a picture of her actually WEARING it.

This past Saturday Evan came into my bedroom at the lovely hour of 6:15. Not cool. And she was grumpy. Totally not cool. Amazingly, she crawled up in bed with me, worked herself under the covers, snuggled up behind me, and fell back asleep. Look! She's asleep! And touching me! For an extra hour! This is literally a first.

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