Friday, April 26, 2013

Run! (a tee ball update)

Luke is really progressing in his tee ball games. The games are a hybrid of coach pitch and tee ball. The coach throws three pitches and if they don't get a hit then they get three tries off a tee. The last two games he's gotten at least one good hit in the air! I couldn't be more proud of him. Joby says that when he hits the ball, he gets a surprised look on his face before trotting off to first. And trotting is exactly what he does. I hoop and holler to get him to run faster, and occasionally he does, by for the most part it's a little trot without moving his arms much.

Every game they play different positions in the outfield. This past Monday was Luke's turn to be the "pitcher". He looked so cute out there on the mound, and while he's got a ways to go, he did stop a few grounders headed his way (and froze a little, turning around trying to decide who to throw it to).

But I have to say, the highlight of the game came in the very middle. Luke was standing there on the pitcher's mound, in between batters, and for what ever reason he stuck his hand up into his mask (the pitcher wears a helmet with a football-player's like mask on the front). I don't know if it was an itch, or the attention span of a 4 year old, but not only did he stick his hand up through it, he wiggled his arm in up to almost his elbow.  And then. AND THEN. Ya'll. He was stuck. He could NOT get his arm back down. We (me, Mom, Ashley, Patrick, Shae, Stephanie, and Chris) (the last couple are a part of our small group and came to see the boys) were laughing so hard in the bleachers that we were crying. No one on the field saw what was going on and no one was coming to his rescue, so the boy finally shook his glove off and got the helmet off with his free hand to release his arm. OMG. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

So, we always have a good time at the games. Between cheering the boys on and visiting with kind friends who take time to come watch our children, it's always time well spent.

He tends to stand there on home plate when he's made all the bases. I'm assuming its him being proud!
Don't be fooled by the face or the coats. The day they had team pictures it was faaaa-reeezing, but normally it's pretty comfortable. This girl has a blast running around and climbing on the stands!

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