Sunday, April 21, 2013

14 Weeks

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: size of a lemon- CTR is about 3 inches

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Haven't weighed myself since the dr's appointment, probably up to 113 or so now.

Maternity Clothes: Yes for pants, no for shirts. If I'd gotten XS on the shirts, then I could start wearing them, but I've bought all size S so far and they are a tad big. Hopefully they'll start fitting soon though, I didn't realize how much a stretched out my shirts last time by wearing my regular clothes as long as I did, and I don't want to do that again!

Gender: Still fully convinced it's a boy. Had to suppress the urge to buy a blue diaper bag this week.

Movement: Not as much as I was hoping for by this time. Soon please?
Sleep: Counting my blessings that I've been sleeping just fine, in whatever position I want. It does help that I'm totally spoiled, having been single so long now, with having the whole bed to myself. No restrictions on how much room I take up!
What I miss: Not having to think about caffeine intake.

Cravings: Still the flavored tea. Nothing much more specific than just snacking. I could snack all the time, dangerous when I'm not hungry all the time.
Symptoms: Still the tender boobs.
Best Moment this week: Evan patted her belly once and said baby! It was the sweetest thing. She knows I've got one in there! And Luke has asked what we are going to name the baby. I asked for his suggestions and he came up with Doctor. And Spinley Head. And Thomas. As in Thomas the Train. Evan has named her two babies "Baby" and "Girl", so I didn't bother asking her.

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Melissa said...

You look great, and congratulations. :) Your hair looks beautiful that length, by the way. :)