Thursday, April 4, 2013

No dairy please

Monday afternoon I was speaking to the pediatrician's office about some...digestive issues...Luke's been having. (to spare his dignity in years to come, that's as far as I'll go with that. Publicly. I've already discussed it with my friends, because that's what moms do. ;) The dr wanted me to take him off dairy for a couple of weeks to see if it helps.

The problem? I had just walked out of Walmart with a fresh gallon of milk, a big bag of Smart cheese puffs, and every intention of feeding him pizza at a birthday party Friday night.

I've never had to make special arrangements for my kid's food. As far as I know, they aren't allergic to anything. If you don't like what I fix for dinner, tough. I guess you'll eat extra breakfast in the morning. So the idea of cutting out their precious milk, cheese, and yogurt was a daunting idea. Not to mention it's their favorite things.

I'd actually toyed with the idea of taking them off dairy in the back of my head before. Both kids have asthma and allergies. Evan's nose has had a hard time keeping up with the horrible season we've had, and I feel like her face or somewhere on her body is constantly broken out. My friend Niki had suggested a long time ago that dairy might be the culprit to all of their health woes, but the idea of doing anything about it seemed overwhelming when it may or may not help.  BUT, since the dr needed me to do it for the big one, I went ahead and jumped in with both feet- both kids are off dairy to the point that I'm reading labels. I plan on doing this for at least a couple of months.

Sweet Jesus. I'm THAT mom. I actually told a lady last night to not give my girl the wafer she was drooling over (dinner at church) because I didn't know if it had dairy in it. THAT mom. I wouldn't let Luke eat the chocolate dessert, and I really didn't plan it well because they served King Ranch casserole. You know- laden with cream and cheese. Luke ended up eating two corn dog wienies (I tore off the crust, just in case), and Ashley was sitting by Evan so I don't even know what she ended up with.  What a mom fail.

Finding replacements has been hard. Ashley swung some coconut milk by Monday night and the kids HATED it. Tuesday night while they were with their dad I went to Sprouts and loaded up on fresh fruit, gluten free snacks and cereal bars, and picked up some rice milk. I called Cindy and asked her what her son drinks (Cindy- babysitter  Teagan- high school son that my kids are straight up nuts for) and she said rice milk. When they got home I let them try it (playing up the big Teagan factor) and they liked it much better.

Luckily we don't eat out much. Obviously we are still going to Luke's friend's birthday party tomorrow night, but I asked Luke what special treat dinner we could pick up to have instead of eating the pizza. So, Brandy, if you are reading this....I hope you don't mind us showing up with Chick Fil A. :)

Oh. And don't worry about all that food I had just bought the kids can't eat now. I brought the bag of cheese puffs to work and yesterday alone ate a third of the bag. Plus I plan on buying some oreos at the store today (apparently I live there) so that milk won't go to waste either. Momma needs the calcium so this baby can have good strong bones, right?  Ha!

Speaking of baby, all things are looking good pregnancy wise. My main craving is Sonic unsweet iced tea with sugar free raspberry, two slices of lemon, and 3 packets of Splenda. I'm not high maintenance at all. Why do you ask?  I haven't decided what I want to do about writing regular updates on here. While I am so glad to have the weekly record of Evan's pregnancy, it was such a beating by 32 weeks to write every. single. week. And get the picture. I'm thinking of doing it biweekly, and I couldn't start on the odd number of 11 this week, so be looking for that next week starting at week 12. WEEK 12 ALREADY!!

Sneak peek- me at about 9 weeks

Same night- I had just gotten my first order of maternity clothes (remember that one time I sold everything because I wasn't having any more babies?) and Evan helped me try on two shirts at one time.

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Melanie said...

One of my best friend's son is highly allergic to milk, among other things. I know from many trips with her, that Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets have milk in the breading. He has to have the grilled ones. So sorry you have to deal with that, but hopefully it will make Luke feel better.