Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update on the no dairy, dr appointment, and tee ball

So, this whole no dairy thing has been tricky. And frustrating. Turns out that one of Evan's babysitters didn't realize that she was dairy free too, and both days had let her have things. So, that set me back a week for her on results. They aren't drinking the rice milk like I feel like they should, which makes me worry that they aren't getting enough calcium and other things. We couldn't go get ice cream after Luke's first tee ball game this weekend, and all of our favorite places to grab food are land mines. Thankfully, I've been able to come up with some dairy free alternatives to some favorites. While quesadillas are still out, I did get some buckwheat pancake mix for pancake nights. I was uneasy at first. The batter is almost black. But I put fresh blueberries in them, and the kids LOVED them. Like- more than regular pancakes. I had to drown mine in syrup and fresh fruit, but I got it down. (it tastes like Sprouts smells, in case you're wondering.)

spider spying

LUCKILY, Cindy's been a huge resource. I got a note in Luke's folder that his class had won a pizza party on Thursday so they won't need to bring lunches. Well, that would be great if he could have pizza. I thought I would just send him some chicken nuggets (I never send chicken nuggets), but I asked Cindy this morning what she's done when her son was in this situations. She said to ask if they can order him a small personal cheese-less pizza, offer to send in extra money for it, then to ask if they could just pull the cheese off for him if they couldn't get a special one, and if those were both no's, she would show up with a pizza just for him. Yes, my baby sitter is that awesome. She said it was important that he get to have what the other kids were having when they had it. And you better believe she would have done it too.

I emailed Luke's teacher this morning and she contacted the coordinator for me- they are going to be able to get a sauce and meat pizza just for him. Between Cindy's fierce determination to get him what he needs, the extra mile taken by some lady I don't know, and pregnancy hormones, you better believe I got a little teary over the fact that so many people are taking care of my boy. And he doesn't even know it.

we tried gluten free pasta one night. luke wouldn't touch it. her bowl is the bowl on the left (empty). she got down, went around to his chair, and promptly finished his dinner for him.

The dr appointment yesterday went great. The nurse had to do my initial blood draw, plus a little extra because I've been exposed to 5th's disease and that needs extra testing, and I was so glad Jacob was there to hold my hand through it. I HATE giving blood. He let me squeeze his hand until I cut off his circulation, and even lied to me when I apologized that my palm was so sweaty. :) Plus we were both grateful to see another picture of our sweet baby!

sunday morning before church. i am OBSESSED with these smocked dresses.

Now for tee ball. Ahhh tee ball. Luke is by far the smallest boy on the team. Not a real clue as to what's going on. But he stood in the outfield "baseball ready", chased after it when it came his way (one time he got it, and threw it! to first base, one time another boy beat him to it and he was so disappointed). He hit the ball and trotted to first. We need to work on throwing. We need to work on hitting. We need to work on running fast with a batting helmet on his head. But he had fun and that's what matters. Plus, look how CAAAA-UUUUUUTE he and Dakota looked!

photo courtesy of Shae
yeah. she's figured out how to get out of bed and play instead of nap. it's fun.

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