Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

So I'm only a couple of weeks late on the Easter pictures. Not too bad.
The weekend before Easter weekend was the Saturday our children's ministry at church put on the "bunny breakfast". I thought it might be cancelled due to rain, but nope. The kids just hunted eggs inside the auditorium!
I have some goofy kids.

Rain shmain. Luke tried his hand at some games.

Sister instructed Bubs on coloring.

And they both participated in the cake walk. Thank goodness they didn't win anything...that's the last thing our house needs.
The Saturday before Easter is the day we went over to Mom and Dad's and had our big Easter dinner and hunted eggs outside. The original reason we moved it from Sunday to Saturday was it was supposed to rain again. But in hindsight, I'm so glad we did. It allowed us to have the fun, secular Easter celebration on one day, and keep the focus on Sunday to what it should be- on the fact that the tomb was empty we don't ever have to fear death and our salvation is sealed.
And true to form, Sunday morning I didn't get the picture I wanted. I had the kids dressed and posed on the fireplace...went to turn on my camera and the battery was completely dead.
So. I did what any sane mother would do and put them back in their outfits a week later and took the picture then. Probably much better than I would have gotten on a hectic Sunday morning!

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