Monday, April 8, 2013

12 Weeks

Okay. I said last week I'd to an update every other week, starting this week.  And unless I find a questionnaire I like better, I'm copying and pasting the one I used for Evan's pregnancy. Which made me look at the last updates I did.  Where I saw pictures of me 37 weeks pregnant.


I was huge.

And I still had two weeks after that to go.

Holy shitzu I'm going to have to be that big again.  O_O

And let's forgive my self portrait this week. It was 9:30 last night and I was about to get ready for bed when I realized I needed to get a picture. So I set my camera up on the dining room table with the timer on. Plus, I'm on a computer that doesn't have my photo editing software on it, so ya get what ya get. And don't throw a fit. (that was for my kids) (even though they can't read)

never mind that my head is almost cut off and part of the table is blurrily visible at the bottom

How Far Along: 12 weeks

Size of baby: one app says lime, one app says plum. Both agree on 2 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't even want to know. I'm hoping about 5 lbs. I had gone up to 110 right before I got pregnant (I think), so I'm hoping for no more than 115 at the dr tomorrow. But the last time I got weighed I was actually pregnant and didn't know it, so I could really be up 10 lbs. YIKES.
*edit* At the dr's yesterday the scale showed 111. Not as bad as I was expecting! So, I'm thinking I'm up 6 lbs total. Not the 2 lbs most people gain in their first trimester, but not terrible either.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. By the time I found out I was pregnant, I was very concerned about the muffin top I had going on with my regular pants. I made the switch almost immediately. Well, as immediately as I could after purchasing some online, since I'd sold all my maternity clothes all ready. Shirts are still normal. They are getting a little tight, but maternity shirts are still a bit baggy.

Gender: I am fully convinced it's a boy. Fully. As in, I've bought two boy onesies already. As soon as that stick turned positive, I just knew it was a boy in there.

Movement: Actually, I'm pretty sure I've felt him popping around in there at night when I'm in bed and lying still.
*edit* The dr couldn't find his heartbeat with the hand held doppler, so she took me back to get another quick sonogram to make sure he's okay. As soon as he popped up on the screen you could tell he kinda jerked away from the pressure of the sonogram wand. It was so fun to see him moving around in there. He even waved at us!

Sleep: Ooooo, this is a no go. I already pee at least once a night, and my allergies have been KILLER, so I'm up all night blowing my nose and hacking up a lung. It's pretty special.

What I miss: Not having to think about caffeine intake.

Cravings: Tea. Flavored tea. With lemon slices and lots of Splenda. Plus I've really enjoyed Fuzzy's Taco's or Tin Star tacos, and baked potato soup. Is eating each thing at least once a week considered a craving?

Symptoms: Boobie. They are sore. But their BAAAAA-AAAACK!! And my poor shoulder and back are so broken out. :( Plus, as Jacob can atest too, my hormones are slightly out of whack. I may cry easily. Oops!

Best Moment this week: Well, it wasn't this week, but Luke's been occasionally thoughtful about the baby. He asked one night what bed the baby would sleep in. And he's been a little curious about how the baby will escape from Momma. But last weekend when I was laid up on the couch with a sinus infection he told Mom that the baby was making me sick. And he's patted my stomach and said that it was getting bigger. Ha!

I'm just loving this baby already and so excited to meet him! T-28 weeks!

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