Tuesday, June 9, 2009


At this moment (yes, picture it, I am honestly typing as all of this is happening) Cody is begging me to open my birthday present from him. He is waving it in my face, telling me he can't wait any longer. WHAT?!? HE can't wait any longer for me to open MY present? It just got to the point where he said he was just going to open it in front of me. I still refused. Silly boy. He still has 5 more days until I will unwrap it! Oops, now he wants me to just hold it and feel the weight. Now I'm supposed to jiggle it a little. Now it's in my lap. Last night he told me to guess what it was, and if I guessed right he was going to give it to me right then. I didn't make any guesses because I knew after the first guess, right or wrong, he would spill the beans and tell me what it is. Maybe this is why he normally waits until the day before an occassion to buy my present. *whew* Crisis was diverted due to his needing to read a book on the throne. ;)

On a totally different note- Everyone say a prayer right now! (You know, the whole 2 of you who actually read this) Cody got an interview for the hospital job! It's a phone interview tomorrow at 1. Although, Cody said something about that being mountain time, so it could be at 2. Or is mountain time behind us and it's at 12? Or is the guy going to call him 1:00 our time and 2 (or 12:00, whatever) his time? Regardless of what the time may be, I told Cody to plug in his phone tonight so there is no risk of a dead battery situation. Hmmm....anything else new to report? Oh, I finally cleaned the floors today. This has been the longest I've ever gone between cleanings, it took 2 dry swiffers and 4 wet swiffers to make me feel like cleanliness had been restored. Nasty. Tomorrow: the kitchen!

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