Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First birthday

Well, my baby's first birthday is over. He made off pretty good, and I'm pleased with how his party turned out. But what really gets me is that he has been with us for only a year, yet I feel like he has been apart of our lives forever. I can't believe that one year ago today I was in the hospital with a brand new baby. A year ago a whole new life came into existants that wasn't there before. A year ago I took on a whole new role that shook me to my inner core- this feels more like my first Mother's Day than actual Mother's day did. Today is the day I became a mother, it's my first anniversary. On Mother's Day no one asks you how long you've been a mother like they do for marriage anniversaries, but this feels like just as big of an accomplishment. Over the past year I have learned more and grown more than I ever thought I could. I knew that mothers loved their kids to death, but I didn't know how earth moving it could be. I have never felt pride like this- I could literally gush for hours about him (thankfully I am also aware of how annoying it is to others so I hold back most of the time). When he is sad I will move the sky to make it better. Hungry? No one else in the world better get food before my kid does. Why would I buy something for myself when I could spend the money on a new toy or cute new size 12 month shirt? I am excited to see him continue to grow, but it also breaks my heart that I no longer have an infant. Has it really been a year? 365 whole days? Surely not. Am I going to wake up tomorrow and it be his second birthday already? I sure hope not. I hope this year goes by slowly. So good night little boy. Dream big dreams, but lets wait awhile to make them come true.

The cake! He didn't want to blow out the candles, but he sure did want to touch the bright glowing things on top.

Yummmm.... my own cake.

Not our best family photo, but it's all we could get. Little Mr. was overwhelmed from all the people.

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