Thursday, June 25, 2009


Before I begin, I have to ask a question. Do you ever carry an inner monologue about your life as if it were a voice over in a movie? I do sometimes. Like, sometimes when I'm doing something really mundane (like make the bed or fold clothes) I pretend that someone is narrating a deep insight to life as I move through the 'scene'. Is that weird? Oh, and no, I don't talk to my self. That's why it's called an inner monologue. I'm just bored.

Here are a few updates on what Luke is doing now:
-Off bottles and on whole milk (we just quit cold turkey on Monday)
-Facing front in the car
-Drinking from a straw (the first time he did this I didn't realize he could so he accidentally got some soda. Bad Mommy!)
-Eats whole foods without being cut up (as in bites off a banana or strawberry, not as in eating a steak)
-Throwing temper tantrums and physically showing frustration (fun.)
-Getting two more teeth
-Got his first hair cut

I thought I had a stinkin cute baby yesterday, but today after his haircut I have an even handsome-er baby! And this kid LOVES to swim. He tires to doggy paddle away from me and swim alone. I am including pictures of this two events:

He didn't want to wear the sunglasses. I made him go swimming in the hat and shirt and shorts. No sun for us please!

Snug as a bug and ready to go home. You can't see it, but the towel is embroidered with his name on one side, and the saying "Dear God please tell Mommy cowboys don't take baths."

About to get the chop. And totally crusin'. But not for a brusin'.

So pretty!

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