Saturday, June 6, 2009

It is finished

The chapter is done, the book is closed. I am no longer able to say that I am a teacher. But I do like what a friend told me yesterday, that I will always be a teacher at heart- I'm just not currently going to get paid to do it, and that is so true. I don't know if I will ever let go of the feeling of the title in my heart. While I am NOT sad about leaving that school, or dealing with a few of the kids that were in my stack of cards, I am going to miss the pride. The pride you feel when you talk about YOUR class. YOUR kids. YOUR little people who look up to you to give them everything they need for 8 hours- love, attention, fairness, a listening ear, patients, and new knowledge about things they could only dream of before. It's this romantic notion of what being a teacher is that gets you in the down times and pulls you through the really rough parts, so that some how you are able to forget all the awful things, like little boys who scream at you and run around the classroom hiding under tables, or little girls who are convinced that they too are the teacher and very rudely try to do your job.

But the good and the bad are done with. Now it is on to party planning! Today I ordered Luke's big boy car seat (in three weeks he finally gets to turn around and face me in the car!) and all of his party supplies. I feel like I have done nothing but spend money the last couple of days! I also am desperate to do something about my house. There is stuff everywhere, and I do not function well in clutter or chaos. I brought a bunch of stuff home from school that I will be able to use around the house (as opposed to stuffing it in a box to be forgotten in the attic) and I have not had a chance to organize everything. I feel so overwhelmed by it all I just stared at it today! Tomorrow I HAVE to start at least with one room. Well, tomorrow is Sunday, so maybe Monday. ;)

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