Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4 month well check

Lord have mercy.  Evan weighs 17 lbs (95%) and is 25 inches long (75-90%). 

Well.  She's sure not shrinking. 

The doctor also said that I had the green light to start her on solids.  When I told her that I just wasn't ready to take that step yet (not to mention I now know how annoying keep up with, especially with our busy schedule) she told me that it was perfectly fine.  Evan gained three pounds in two months.  Nursing exclusively doesn't seem to be a detriment to her.  Ha!

She also remarked at how advanced she was on her social skills.  My usually VERY happy and smiley baby studied Kim's face soooo intently and wouldn't even crack a grin.  She did not appreciate a stranger being so close and invading.  Another thing Kim was impressed with was Evan's muscle strength.  I tried to convince E that muscle weighs more than fat, and that's why the scale was so high, but I don't think she bought it.

At the end of the apointment, Kim and I were laughing at what a difference Evan and Luke were.  How if the two had been switched in birth order, I would have gone CRAZY with how far behind Luke was compared to Evan.  There is SUCH a difference between boys and girls.  For real.

Luke was such a patient boy while Sister Friend was getting poked and prodded (two shots for my girl.  Boo.)  He doesn't get to play on my phone at home, so when we do things like sit in the dr's office for an hour, he'll be totally entertained.  Yes, I am a parenting genius.  He sat there and played until it was time to go, and when we left he was dying for dinner.  Know what he asks for the most?  Sausage and mac and cheese.  He's a funny kid.  After that, the requests are cheeseburger or pizza, in that order.  Kid loves himself some cheeseburgers. 

He's my kinda kid. 

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Lucy Marie said...

Little miss is catching up to her best friend in Canada! Good job, Mama.