Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Situation Remedied

Just popping in to say that I finally got the Halloween costume situations resolved.  Last night after I picked the kids up we headed to Hobby Lobby and to Target.  Two stores shouldn't take that long, right? 


It was 8:00 before we got home. 

But good news. 

I have a Superman and a 50's chick waiting to happen.

Oh, picking out the Superman costume was a little tedious.  I found three different outfits for Luke to choose from- a garden gnome, Harry Potter, or Superman.  Of course he originally said no to all three.  Finally I told him that to get candy he had to pick one and wear it on Sunday. To which he quickly chose the Superman, despite all my compelling "Are you sure you don't want to wear the Harry Potter" arguments. 

So Superman I will have.

Mom found a pink tutu at Dillard's for pretty cheap, so at Hobby Lobby I picked up a poodle iron on patch to pin to it, and things to make a headband.  Luckily I've already got the plain white onesie to complete the ensemble for my Evan girl.  I thought about just putting Luke in his white button down, rolling up a pair of jeans, and slicking back his hair to make him a 50's dude.  I even asked Mom if I could roll up a little box in his shirt sleeve to look like a pack of smokes, but I figured that would be slightly inappropriate on my three year old at a church event.

It would be funny though.

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Lucy Marie said...

Cannot WAIT to see Evan's costume. Love it.