Monday, October 17, 2011

Rangers win and a tattoo

Friday night I took the kids over to Mom and Dad's for dinner since Dad made lasagna for scratch.  It was delicious.   Saturday morning I made cinnamon rolls before Luke's 10:00 soccer game.  The games are getting better and better!  He actually volunteered to go play this time!  He (mostly) stays with the pack when they are running and he was thisclose to thinking about kicking the ball when it came close to him.

After the game I took the kids grocery shopping, then we came home to do house work.  I put the baby down for a nap so that Luke and I could mow the yard.  Yep.  Luke mows with me.  He takes his little mower he got for his birthday and follows me so close that he runs over my heels sometimes.  Then it was lunch and time for his nap.  While everyone was out I got the rest of the house cleaned and made some cake batter truffles.

Are those amazing or what?!  Evan got a little tired while I was in the process of making them.


I made them to take to Shae's.  We went over Saturday night to watch the Ranger's win the ALCS and move on to the World Series.  The kids and I had the best time!  Luke played with his bestie Dakota and the grown ups watched the game/visited.  At one point Luke had on a Hulk mask, which was too big making it tilt askew.  I SO WISH that my camera had been next to me, because the way it drooped off his head was the funnies thing ever.  Joby and I were CRYING we were laughing so hard at him.  Finally at 10, when the game still wasn't over, we just left to come home.

Sunday was a typical Sunday.  Church was good and then we went to lunch.  We went to El Fenix and apparently they hand out tattoos with the children's menu.  That lead to this.

Yep.  Luke got all tatted up in the middle of the restaurant.  He wasn't super thrilled with it.  After a quick picture....

it came off with rubbing alcohol.

I spent nap time organizing my closet, moving out the maternity and making way for coats and long sleeves.   I finished the laundry and made a couple of pairs of baby leg warmers.

Eh?!  Not bad, right? 

Look at her grab her toes.  Luke NEVER played with his feet when he was a baby, but she can't get enough of them.  I'm just waiting for the day I look over and she's chewing on them.

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