Thursday, April 12, 2012

Post Easter weekend

Well, we've made it to the present.  I did forget to mention that Saturday night I was not about to cook, so I loaded the kids up and we headed to Fuzzy's Taco's for dinner.  We had a fourth member of our party.  Luke's plastic electric guitar that's long run out of batteries (praise Jesus) (when it was dying it was even worse).  First when he wanted to bring it in the car I thought, no big deal, by the time we get there he'll be over it and it will stay in the car.

Wrong.  He insisted on bringing it in.  I said "I think it might be happier in the car.  It doesn't like to get dirty.  I think it might safer out here."  To which he said "I think I'm just gonna take it wif me."

Who can argue with that logic?  Well, most people could, but I was hungry and this didn't feel like a battle I wanted to fight at the moment.  Two kids alone is trouble enough, having one melt down in the middle of a parking lot is exhausting.  So.......

Yeah.  That would be Luke giving a concert complete with made up words on the patio of Fuzzy's  The embarrassment was totally worth not having to deal with the confrontation. 

Also I forgot to mention that I bought Evan a swimsuit on sale at Target.  A size 12 month swimsuit.

Excuse the blurry face, she's not so still anymore.

That sucker is vacuumed on.  I don't think she'll be able to wear it.  Which is so sad, because how cute is that belly?!  I love the floral print.  Yesterday I ran to Old Navy and found another little tankini for her.  In a size 2T.  I weighed her last night and she's 22 lbs.  Remember that one time that she's only 10 months?  Esh.  It's the reason her legs look like this, even when she's sleeping belly down.

I. Love. Her.

Monday night I unfortunately had to run to Walmart at 7:30 in the evening.  This is normally the time I start baths/bed time routines, but if the childrens wanted breakfast, to the store we had to go.  Lucky for me, Luke always wants to ride inside the basket. 

Unlucky for him, his sister has learned the joys of pestering.

She has this thing where she reaches around behind her (sometimes looking, sometimes not), gropes for his head, then bats/scratches/pulls his hair.  It's kinda hysterical to watch.  He gets so mad at her and shouts Evan! Stop that! 

At first I didn't think she was doing it on purpose.  I mean, the girl is 10 months old.  But after a few minutes, a few re directions, and several strolls where I had to walk with my arm around her to keep hers to herself, I realized she wasn't.  She was TOTALLY doing it on purpose. 

How?  How does she know how to irritate him already?  Do you see how fast his arms and head were moving to try and swat her away?  Heaven help me. I do believe life is going to get even more interesting very quickly.  Even as we were checking out and I was trying to get one last picture of my precious baby girl being sooooo innocent.....

she starts in on him again.  Without even looking.

Last night Shae and the boy's came over for dinner.  I grilled us some turkey burgers and the boys played and played.  It is so funny how Luke and Dakota fight like brothers.  Is that normal?  Tonight is church, and I have to tell you, the book I'm leading a study on is kinda beating me down.  I chose Bringing Up Boys.  We are half way through it and apparently I'm doing everything wrong.  Working outside the home.  Single mom.  Living life at a fast pace.   Maybe tonight I can convince the girls to drop the book.  Yes?  That kinda goes against everything I stand for though.  I can't stand flakiness and will hold my commitments even if it's painful.  We'll see what happens tonight.  At least I set the location at Starbucks, so I'll get a cup of coffee out of the ordeal.

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