Friday, April 20, 2012

PTO and a random picture dump

Yesterday Cindy needed to get out of town so I just took the day off of work and stayed home.  It. Was. Lovely.  It made me miss being a SAHM so much.  First Luke and I had a nice breakfast, then I dropped him off at school (which I haven't done since walking him in on the first day!) and then Evan and I went to Target. 

Yes, I bought her some sunglasses.  As if she couldn't get any cuter, I added that little accessory.  After Target we went home for her nap while I added to my garage sale pile (I'm having one tomorrow).  Then it was off to pick up Brother and we headed to the park with Shae and Taylor. 

Evan and Vera decided to buddy up.  Evan thought the swing was the BEST. THING. EVER. And Vera laughed at Evan's insane cackling.  Oh babies.  Finally it was back home for another nap and a quiet evening at home. 

I can't remember what else really happened over the last week, but luckily I've got some pictures on my phone to remind me.  Sunday night at the Raymond's for Life Group Luke decided to join the adults visiting in the kitchen.

By making a bed in the middle of the walk way.  Oh yes, he laid there for a good 5 minutes too. 

One morning he was in QUITE the mood and refused to put on a shirt before heading to Cindy's.

He was determined to be grumpy.  But by the time we got there is was asking nicely to "peas wet me put on my shirt before we go inside." I think he finally felt a little self conscious.  Thankfully that isn't his normal face or mood.

That's more like it.

And not to leave the girly girl out, Evan got some styling new red skinny jeans thanks to a Nana who finds Old Navy sales. 

Gah.  Perfection.

What isn't perfection?

Why? Why little girl? Why must you make a mess while I'm being nice and fixing your dinner?


DeeDee said...

your babies are soooo cute!! Love the sunglasses and red skinny jeans!! :)

Tara Branch said...

Love her shades! She is stylin'!!