Thursday, April 26, 2012

Garage Sale

So last week I looked down at my desk and realized I might have a problem. 

Apparently I like bold fabric/prints with blues and green.  And I'm not afraid to put them all together.

Saturday the garage sale went really well.  I pulled up at 7:45, we had tons of things lining the driveway by 8.  By 8:10 there was still not a soul in sight.  I was beginning to wonder what I had dragged my self and my friends (and 8 children under 5) into.  But thankfully by fifteen after people started showing up and soon we were slammed.  It slowed down around 10:45 and by 11:30 it was dead so we started packing it up.  Thankfully we got rid of at least half of all the things!  Joby said we could load it up and stick it in their garage and have another one in a few weeks to try and unload the rest.  Whoo hoo!  Made some money and not one thing came back home with me.

Fairly early in the morning.  It has been in the upper 80's for days now, but wouldn't you know the ONE MORNING we wanted to be out it was in the 50's!  Luckily my lazy self hadn't put away the jackets yet.

Someone didn't appreciate the classic joke of trying to sell a baby in a garage sale. 

Sunday afternoon I realized I need to start using the childproof cabinet locks again. 

Put her in the middle of the kitchen floor and then went to the sink to do some washing.  Three seconds later I looked down and she had not only gotten over to the cabinet, but opened it and was pulling things out.  Babies should come with a warning when they learn new tricks.  Especially when they learn them over night. 

Sunday was also Dad's birthday, we went to lunch and back to Mom and Dad's for cake.  Grandmother was there, and she told me that sharing the sewing machine just wasn't working for her, that I needed to pick one out and she would get it for me.  No need to twist my arm!  I spent Monday and Tuesday looking at various models on line before settling on the Brother CS6000i.  I called her Tuesday night to tell her about it and make sure it was okay to order it.  She said of course.  Eek! My very first-brand-new-not-shared-or-handed-down-sewing machine! It should be here by Monday. This is double-extra thrilling because I've got the fabric for Evan's new diaper bag and I can't WAIT to start it.

This morning Luke decided it would be fun to get up extra early and lay around my room while I got ready for work.  Evan decided it would be fun to sleep in.  I finally had to wake her up to nurse her before we could go.  

And finally, I leave you with a throwback Thursday picture. I had my external hard drive out and was flipping through some old pictures of Luke.  My sweet sweet baby boy.

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Lucy Marie said...

Glad you made out like a bandit at your garage sale. I would have loved to come and rummage through your crap.