Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crafts and boots

This past weekend I got BUSY with the crafts.  A few days ago I was rocking Evan before bed, and Luke hadn't gotten in the bath yet (can I tell you how fabulous 4 is? I can tell him to go get in the bath, AND HE DOES.  Undresses, goes potty, turns on the water, turns it off when he feels like it's enough.  It's a lifesaver.)  He knows that he isn't really supposed to come in there when I'm rocking her, since I have a hard enough time keeping her contained as it is.  She doesn't really like to rock but I make her do it anyway, because I wanna, and he is such a distraction.

ANYWAY. He came in while I was rocking her in the dark, kissed her on the forehead, and said "Now don't be scared of the dark. God will take care of you."  I died.  Just died.  Later that night I put it on facebook, and a couple of people said I should make a picture with that on it.  So I did.

Eh?  I've never tried actual painting before, nor have I ever tried stamping.  I thought about doing a painting like the ones I made for the kitchen but I thought the background would get too busy and the words would be lost.  I also thought about making one of these, but I didn't want to take that kind of time.  Plus I like the idea of the darkness fading into light, given what the quote was. 

I then went on to make a $5 Target shirt just a little bit cuter for my girl....

And finally made a tie to match the dress I made Evan a couple of weeks ago.

I actually just washed that dress, so fingers crossed that it still fits and didn't shrink too much!

As if all those projects weren't enough, I even cleaned my laundry room.

Manfriend was thrilled when I told him.  Apparently it was worse than I thought.  All I know is now I can open the dryer all the way without having to move the vacuum cleaner.  Also, I know in the next house I live in, there will be at least one closet in it that is not located in a bedroom.  This house had NO spare closets.

So that was Saturday.  Sunday was church and small group, with a 2 hour nap in between.  Don't be jealous.  Luke's black truck stays in the garage most of the time, and Evan always makes a bee line for it when I'm trying to load up the car.  Sunday evening was no exception.

My kinda girl.  She she needs is her truck and her baby and she's ready to go. Speaking of that baby girl, I took a really cute picture with her the other morning, but I don't have any make up on in it and I'm not brave enough to post something like that.  Boo me.

Yesterday was supposed to be the Star's opening home game of the season, but since the lockout is still on, my face looked like this.

So sad.  No game.  But my new boots in from Zullily came in, so yay! I finally have some brown boots!
And when I was going through old posts to find a link for some of my hoop art, I realized I never posted the last one I made.  This was the favorite quote of a friend who's reception we went to a couple of months ago.  It was my wedding present for them. 


Anonymous said...

Girl you are so creative. I love that picture for Evan. She will cherish that someday!

Lucy Marie said...

Oops that was me? Not ANON