Friday, October 12, 2012

We weren't sick sick day

Last Wednesday when I dropped the kids off, Cindy told me she was feeling slightly under the weather.  Okay enough to keep the kids, whatever she had they had been exposed to the day before, but not enough to teach 12 other children at CBS that morning, so they weren't going to go.  I was at work for an hour when I got the call that things had taken a turn for the worse and I was on my way to pick up my children.

Sick day, but none of us were sick! 

It was a perfect day outside, only 10:00 in the morning, so we found a park on our way home.  We had a great time until Luke fell off a ladder.  He wasn't really hurt, but I found it to be a good excuse to be done with the park and head home for lunch. 

I didn't take the kids to church that night in case they came down with the stomach bug in the next few hours...I didn't want to expose anyone else.  Thursday Cindy was still down and out so Dad took off and stayed with the kids.  Luke was thrilled with a Papa day!  It's been a very long time since he's taken care of two small children by himself, but he did a great job.  Got Luke to and from school successfully, got Evan to nap twice, and even took care of the dreaded dirty diaper. 

Friday I took my lunch break to do a little early Christmas shopping.  Yes, you read that right.  I've had this long time desire to have matching Vera Bradley purses with my daughter, but the style that I wanted to get her is being discontinued and I didn't know it.  They sold out of the pattern I wanted for myself in a purse in the little style, so I got her a little purse that will match a whole bunch of my items, including my messenger bag that I take to work every day.

Ta da!  Evan's very first Vera.  I can't wait to give it to her for Christmas! Aren't you proud of me, letting go of my dream of matching items just so she can have the perfect purse?  ;)

Saturday Luke was invited to a big air show with a friend, so while he was gone Evan and I went over to the manfriend's house and hung out for awhile. A cold front rolled in, and it was shockingly cold for the next couple of days.  I layered Luke to the nines so he would be comfortable no matter what, but it made me realize that sister friend was seriously lacking in the way of winter clothes.  90% of her summer wardrobe doesn't have sleeves, so even the temps are back in the 80's it just doesn't seem appropriate for her to wear tank tops.  I've been trying to pick up a long sleeve shirt or two ever time I go on errands over the last week.  Maybe we'll be ready when it gets cold for good?

Another thing I've realized is that Evan has learned how to climb the stool in the bathroom and turn on the water.


But look how proud of herself she was when she "showed" me what she could now do.  Even clapped for herself.  Oi.  I think those top molars are in, but I haven't seen the bottom ones yet.  While we STILL don't have any words besides "MUM!  MUM!"  (she's a loud British child) she has learned to nod for 'yes' and shake her head for 'no'.  Gotta be the cutest thing ever. 

This weekend is LHS's homecoming, my alma mater, so we went to the parade last night.

Evan was so so on the whole thing, but Luke loved it.  He scored a giant bag of candy by the end of the night, but this morning he got stubborn and ended up throwing the whole thing away because I didn't put a treat in his lunch.  I tried to tell him that he didn't have a lunch pack because he was getting to take a special trip (the fair).  Didn't matter.  He went into the diaper bag and threw the whole thing away while I dressed the baby. Sometimes I don't know what to do with him.  He get stubborn and frustrated and makes drastic, irrational choices.  I tried to talk him through it, reminding him that he will be sad tomorrow about what he's done, but it doesn't matter.  It breaks my momma heart that he has to learn the hard way about EVERYTHING, but I refuse to allow him to grow up with the entitled feeling that is the black plague of our current society, so I just accepted his choice and move on.  I didn't really want him to eat all that candy anyway.

I'm currently working on a painting for her room incorporating the most sweetest thing Luke has ever told her, an appliqued shirt for her, and that tie for Luke to match her dress.  Maybe this weekend I'll finish them all?  Luke is currently at the state fair with Mom and Dad, no idea when they will get home, so maybe tonight I'll have a little time.  Pictures soon?

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