Monday, October 1, 2012

The last couple of weeks

Hello, hello.  Taking the time to drop in a few pictures from the last couple of weeks and some funny things my boy has said.  And he says the funniest things.  He responds in conversations in a very grown up manner, but his logic is still very obviously from the brain of a 4 year old.  He's beginning to pull away from his lovies- "snuggle buddies" as Cindy calls them- but he's not ready to give them up yet.  He frequently will put all of his stuffed animals on my bed in the morning (no, he doesn't actually sleep with all of those), declaring that he doesn't need them anymore so I can have them. 

Then at bed time he'll decide that one or two are lonely and might need to come to bed with him.  Mostly it's Puppy that he wants, the lovie he's had since he was a babe.  While I'm glad that I probably won't have one of those kids that still takes stuffed animals with them to kindergarten, I am sad that he is growing up so much. 

Thursday the 13th we all (Mom, Dad, Ashley, Patrick, and I) (Patrick is Ashley's boyfriend) took the kids to Grapefest.  It was fun! I hadn't gone since Luke was Evan's age, and it was perfect weather.

I took Evan on her first merry-go-round ride, and Luke insisted that he ride the ferris wheel.  Ashley volunteered to be the adult chaperon on that one.  We ate, we shopped, we laughed, we had a good time.

So two Saturdays ago, we were having a quiet morning at home.  It was cloudy and misty outside, but apparently too bright inside.

I almost laughed and asked him if he had too much to drink last night, but I knew that would bring on an onslaught of questions I wasn't prepared to answer, so I didn't.  Mom called mid morning and asked us to go shopping with her.  So an hour later or so, we loaded up and hit the stores.  First location?  Once Upon A Child.  Y'all have these places right?  Nice children's consignment shop?  If not, bummer.  I got BOTH of the kids their Halloween costumes for less than what Evan's was brand new at Old Navy.  We are only going to talk about how she will be the cutest little cupcake in the history of baked goods costumes, and not about the fact that it is a size 2T/3T and it FITS. 


She was right under 27 lbs at her well check on the 20ths.  That's still in the 95% for weight.  I don't remember length exactly, but it was only 50%.

Anyway, after OUAC we headed over to the shops of Highland Village.  But like any smart mother would do, I fed the childrens first on a bench outside of Charming Charlie's.

I knew we would last longer if we had sustenance.  Turns out we didn't last as long as I thought.  Two stores later, I round the corner to see this.

Yep. Sister friend was so tired that she layed down in the middle of the store's cold tile floor.  We went home for naps shortly there after.

What were some of the fruits of this shopping endeavor?  New black-with-white-stars Converse for m'lady.....

and a vacuum that Luke just had to have.  Yes, it's pink.  And yes, Evan is playing with it in this picture.  But he HAD to have it.  He loves to push my big vacuum around when I'm cleaning, and now he gets to "vacuum" with his while I use the big one.  He even takes the little suction tube out and "vacuums" the corners of my walls.  It's the cutest thing ever.  Best $6.50 ever.

The next night was life group at the Raymond's and the boys decided to dress up.

They kill me.

With no real way to segway into Luke's funny conversations, here's one I put on facebook last week:

Me: Luke, did you eat your spaghetti?
Luke: I ate about half.
M: What? Do you even know what half is?
L: Uh, yes.
Me: So what is half?
L: I dunno. Maybe a lot? Or medium? You know, medium size?

He has really gotten into picking out my jewelry for me in the mornings.  Is that weird?  And unfortunately he has become the favorite chew toy of a certain little girl who is cutting her molars.  Like, for real.  She just walks up to him with an open mouth and chews on him.  Which leads me to say things like "Well if you see her coming at you, then WALK AWAY SON.  Don't just stand there and let her bite you." He starts yelling before she even gets to him, so I know he has time to react in such a manor.  He loves her though.  Thursday I found a bracelet in his backpack after school.  I asked him what it was, and he said it was from the treasure box.  I asked him if it was for him or for Evan, and he said it was for Evan.  I hope that precious heart of his stays good.  That it doesn't let the world stamp out all the beauty in it.  I couldn't love him more.

And that Evan.  Poor girl.  She's currently cutting both top molars.  She finally cut a third bottom tooth, hoping a fourth makes an appearance soon.  That little things is mischievous!!  Not in a devious kind of way, but highly curious.  Highly.  And with Luke, I was always able to tell him no and trust that he would stop.  Her? Nope.  She just looks at you like "No? What does that mean?  Are you speaking English?" and just carries on.  But oh how I love her.  I squeeze her into hugs until she whines to get away from me.  Like her bubba, she isn't a hugger or a cuddler, but she is liberal with her kisses and friendly as all get out.  Loves to wave and flirt with people who pass us by at the store, or the man sitting next to us at a restaurant.

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