Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Real quickly, before I dive into the Pumpkin Patch Experience 2012, I wanted to post a couple of other pictures I found on the camera.  Here's a better picture of the painting I did:
I wish that I had faded the blue into the black a little better, and next time I might use white paint for the letters, and probably not add the glitter paint on top because omg that's a lot of glitter.  Typical for my projects though. Live and learn.
I also found a picture of the kids from before church on Sunday wearing their matching outfits.  Does a tie count as an outfit?  Either way, he didn't want to wear it.  As I put it on him, he goes "I don't wanna wear this tie.  It's girl's stuff."  Not sure if he meant by that, whether it was the color or the fact that he recognized the fabric as something his sister was wearing.  He got distracted before I could find out what he meant.

As is our ways, I couldn't get a picture of both of them looking at the camera with a smile.  This one was as good as it got.  Unless you count the ones of Evan biting Luke.
Aww.  That's fun. 
Most of them looked something like this:
I can't get her to be still enough for any length of time, and Luke is informing me that she's running away.  As I watch. With my camera.  At least they look adorable and I was so proud of my craftiness!
Now- Pumpkin Patch 2012 Extravaganza!
Have I ever told you how much I actually dislike the pumpkin patch?  It's crowded (although we went 30 minutes before sundown on a Monday night that was threatening rain, so the crowd was pleasantly thin), the pumpkins range from $22-$50 (we got ours at Aldi for $2.50), and trying to get pictures of my children stresses me out to the max.  MAX. They are two VERY VERY VE. RY. busy bodies that don't want to be still.  Or sit with me.  Or look at the camera.
Look! Eyes!
Okay. If you're not going to look at the camera, at least you look positively angelic.
Between the look on his face and the position of her body, Imma go ahead and let you guess what was going through every body's head for the BEST FAMILY PHOTO OF THE BUNCH.
Good night she is pretty.
At this point I let Luke go off and play and tried to at least get a girl's picture with my Evy-girl.
I still couldn't get her to smile. It was dinner time apparently.
"Please son.  Please just look at the camera. Please. For Mom."

After the pumpkin patch we ate dinner at Schlotzsky's. Then Mom came home with me to help get them in bed since it was almost 8 and I hadn't been home yet. This meant no regular chores had gotten taken care of- make lunches, take out the trash, have Luke do his homework for the next day, gather necessities for his backpack and her diaper bag- plus I had to make 5 bags of rolls for the Ladies Fellowship I helped host last night. 

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Lucy Marie said...

Those matching church outfits are so sweet. Evie girl is looking so so so grown up. But wahhhh ...she's just a baby!!!!!