Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend wedding

Saturday was another cloudy, rainy day.  My friend had planned on taking Luke on a canoe fishing trip, but due to the drizzle he couldn't.  Then Cody called and asked if he could have Luke for the day, so away they went.  Having all that time with a little girl who still takes good naps was unheard of! I used my nap time wisely.....

sorry for the phone picture.  not sure why I didn't pull out the real camera

and made my girl a new dress.  I let her wear it to church on Sunday with cream tights and brown boots. 

The cute.  It killed me.

My plan is to make Luke a tie out of the leftover material from the sleeves fabric, and then I'll get a picture of the two of them in coordinating outfits.  Which will kill me again.

Sunday afternoon my cousin John got married.  The wedding was at 5:30.  I put the kids down to nap at 1:30ish, and at 4 I had to wake them both up to toss their clothes on them and put them in the car.  Mom, Dad, Ashley, Patrick, and Grandmother all came for us right at about that time.

You can tell it took Evan awhile to wake up.  And do you know how she got in that chair?  I was sitting there, letting her run around the foyer before the ceremony started, when she comes up to me and wraps her arms around my knees, tugging.  So I stood up.  She gently pushed me out of the way, then climbed up in MY chair.  Well then.  I told you girlfriend had some jazz to her.

We took some family pictures outside after the ceremony, waiting for the reception. The location was the cutest place, with the chapel and reception hall together- just a little courtyard separating the two.  Loved it. 

ashley, grandmother, and i

And then the best thing ever happened.  You know those pictures that are so perfect, unplanned, and just the right amount of cute that makes your heart explode?  Well get ready......

I die.  Just die.  For highly obvious reasons, I think these will go down as my favorite photos of all time.  EVER.

The ceremony was beautiful.  Small and perfect.  I've been dating a boy for awhile and I hated that he couldn't be there.  The reception was so fun. 

The food was actually amazing and they even had separate kids plates for the littles.  Wanna know the difference between my two children?

Yeah.  Girlfriend loved it.  Luke?  I guess he's just being 4? He ate 3 bites and declared himself SO. FULL. She managed to finish off that entire bowl of mac n cheese.  Even if that meant she had to lick the bottom just to make sure.

Evan made a bee line for the dance floor every time her feet hit the ground, and my boy has some moves on him!  This was the first time either of them have been to an event like this, and I'm so glad they rolled with it all.  Behaved perfectly the whole time, even at 9:45 when we were gearing up to leave. 

My feet were dead by the end of the night.  My legs are still a little sore today.  I think that means it was a great evening.

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Melanie said...

Those pics of the kids are SO cute! Love it! I also love your dress.